Holy Hell. Is that thing positive?

The beginning of my story really starts in August 2012.  I took my annual solo trip home to Kansas City to visit friends and family.  I left my dog and husband behind for two weeks.  It was during this trip that Trav and I decided that when I got home we would finally stop using contraception.  I excitedly told all my parents the good news before I left for home.  Trav and I had heard of many friends who had tried forever, or were still trying, to get pregnant, so we thought we’d let nature do its thing, and if we got pregnant – good, if we didn’t – oh, well, we’ll have fun while we’re waiting.  It wasn’t really the perfect time to get pregnant anyway (although, when is?).  I was starting a new job and still working on completing my Masters, and Trav was gaining more and more responsibilities at his firm.

Fast forward to mid-October.  I hadn’t been tracking my ovulation, but I did every once in a while pee on a stick.  I had gone to the store and purchased 3 or 4 boxes of pregnancy tests, because I thought I would be doing this for a while.  I was due to start my period October 13th, but because I have never been very regular, wasn’t too concerned that it hadn’t happened yet.  The evening of Wednesday, October 17th, I was bored, home alone (Trav was gone on another out-of-town work trip), with an hour to spare before four hours of classes, so I thought what better time than now?  So I did my thing and left it alone in the bathroom and went on to do something else.  An hour later, as I was sitting down in front of my computer, about to run my audio test with a minute to go before class began, I remembered I had a pregnancy test sitting in the bathroom.  I shot up and ran to see the results.  What I saw made my heart stop, my stomach flip, and my breath catch.

Were those two lines?  One looked a little fainter than the other.  Surely, it’s a mistake.  Can pregnancy tests give you a false positive?  I have to sit in class for the next four hours and pretend to be interested in what’s going on when I’ve got a baby in me? 

Forgive me, professors, but I did not hear a single thing you said that evening.  I was busy frantically searching the Internet for information on false positive pregnancy tests, baby websites, books on what to expect when you’re expecting, and what to do when the test is truly positive.  I had been feeling really run down that week and had taken some B-vitamin supplements to regain some energy.  I thought the supplement affected my test.  I didn’t realize at the time that I was feeling run down because I was pregnant.

Two Pink Lines

Yep. Time to call the doctor.

I now have three unopened boxes of pregnancy tests under my bathroom sink, if anyone is in need of them.


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