Next week!

We find out on Monday if you’re baby “blue” or baby “pink”!  Your mom and I are so excited!!!  Although Bethany did mention this morning that a person she spoke with had been told she was having a boy only to have a girl when the delivery occurred…what a shock that would be.  Either way, we’ll look forward to welcoming you into the world and all of the wonderful (and challenging) parts that go along with being parents.

This morning we were getting ready to go to the gym – your mom is a workout nut, by the way.  There was a time when I was as well, but life and work have taken over a great deal of my free time, so there are a lot less days at the gym and a lot more days pounding away at the keyboard.  Anyway, I flipped on the t.v. for a second, and what was it on but Saturday morning cartoons…and The Justice League, no less!  One of my childhood favorites…Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern…and on and on.  I’m definitely looking forward to guiding you into watching only the “cool” cartoons.  🙂

Well, my Baby, time to get back to pounding the keyboard…at least pounding it for work purposes.  I can’t wait to meet you.  As Will Ferrell would say, “Keep on truckin’.”


Your Pappa


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