First Appointment

I better get this down now before it’s all a fuzzy haze in my memory.  Plus, our third appointment is tomorrow!

Appointment 1  November 9, 2012

Our first appointment was on a Friday morning.  After filling out even more paperwork, (They had given me a manila envelope to take home and complete on my first visit, but when I got there, there was yet another packet to complete.) and waiting about 20 minutes for my name to be called, we were led into a small, dark room with a flat screen TV hanging on the wall across from the exam table.  I was instructed to unbutton and pull my pants down just below my hips.  The nurse squirted some jelly onto my belly, and there was my uterus in black and white sonar on the TV!  We immediately heard our baby’s rapid heartbeat, and this was even greater confirmation that all of this was real!  The baby itself was simply a dot on the screen, still a little sac of embryo the size of a kidney bean.

Baby's First Photo - 8 weeks old

Baby’s First Photo – 8 weeks old

After our first sonogram, we were sent back to the waiting room (after a stop off to the restroom – full bladder plus sonogram equals uncomfortable situation).  We then met with a nurse who gave us packets and packets of information and went through our family history.  She told us about the tests I would be undergoing and what to expect at my appointments.

The next step was to draw blood.  Lots of it.  Eight tubes to be precise.  The nurse asked me how I did with getting my blood drawn, and would I need a bed.  I told her I had donated in the past, and it was a horrible experience but that this shouldn’t be so bad.  I’d be fine.  I was wrong.  Halfway through I was getting cold sweats, shaking, dizziness, and the need to vomit right then and there.  I didn’t, but the nurses grabbed a bucket for me just in case.  When I went back into the waiting room, Trav said I looked like a ghost, and he thought the nurses had splashed water on my face.  So apparently, I didn’t handle it as well as I’d thought.  From now on, they told me, they wouldn’t draw blood unless I was in a bed.  Wait, they were going to do this to me again?!

The last step was a basic pelvic and breast exam and meeting with one of the doctors.  It was a lot for one appointment.  We didn’t get out of there until noon, so we went to lunch and stopped by Trav’s office so he could take care of a few things before heading home for the day.  While I hung out on the patio waiting for Trav, I called Mom to chat.  I wanted so badly to tell her about everything, but decided to keep it secret a little longer, just in case she’d be able to drive up for our visit to KC in December.

Here's where I was chatting with Mom for over an hour.

The view as I was chatting with Mom for over an hour.


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