19 Weeks, Visit to St. Augustine, and a Wardrobe Rant

19 Weeks

19 Weeks

Mom was tired of seeing belly bump pics taken inside my closet.   I decided our trip to St. Augustine to visit some friends would be the perfect opportunity for photos outside of my closet.  Trav was a pretty good camera man, but I need to work on my poses.

I had a hard time yesterday morning finding a cute, cool for spring outfit to wear around St. Augustine.  I ended up in what you see above, and sweated my butt off whenever I was in direct sunlight.

One of the most frustrating things about this pregnancy so far is that my size keeps fluctuating like crazy.  Some days my stomach is giant and other days it’s just a pooch.  Florida’s weather makes it even more difficult to plan.  I had just finished buying a ton of over-sized sweaters when we started getting 70 and 80 degree weather again – in January.  None of my spring clothes fit, and I’m tired of wearing over-sized, baggy button-downs.  I want to be able to show off my shape without looking like a goober in clothes meant for a doll.  Really.  I was trying on some of my pre-pregnancy clothes, and all I could think to myself was How in the world did I ever fit into this?  It’s not just the circumference, but the length, surprisingly, that shrinks.

We went to the Motherhood store at the St. Augustine outlets on our return home, and that turned out to be yet another bad experience.  The sales lady followed me around the store the entire time, pressuring me to try on this and that – nothing that was my style, and Trav got frustrated with me because I wasn’t liking anything I saw:  “I just don’t get it.  You don’t want a button-down, but you don’t want a t-shirt.  What do you want, then?”  I think I need to start leaving him at home on these shopping trips.  My new shape and his frustration just multiplies the stress of finding clothes.

Side rant:  Why is it that when you’re pregnant, you can no longer have style, and you’re stuck with Wal-Mart-inspired clothes?  That’s pretty much the extent of what I saw at that shop.  I did end up purchasing a Henley shirt in three different colors, but that really doesn’t fix my need for warm-weather clothes.

Our St. Augustine trip

A couple of friends ran a 5K in St. Augustine Saturday morning, and we were invited to join them for lunch.  We enjoyed patio seating at A1A Ale Works and then walked around the shops for the afternoon.

Street Musician

Local street entertainment.  That dog was super mellow.

Pregnant women will understand.

Pregnant women will understand.

I know it’s crass, but this subject has been a major issue in my life for the past five months.  I can really appreciate this shirt now, so I had to take a photo and share.

Bethany and Travase - CD #4 109

Then… October 21, 2006

Six years later...

Now… January 26, 2013

We ended our day visiting the gardens of the Oldest House – the site of our wedding vows six years ago.  So many things have changed since then… including the roof on that house in the background.


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