Nursery Planning Has Begun

Last Sunday I took a trip to Michael’s to find some yarn to make Little One’s baby blanket.  Okay, so I don’t plan on making the blanket; I’m going to ask my MIL to do it.  I had been scouring the Internet for the perfect baby bedding and couldn’t find anything that I was really excited about.  She really doesn’t need a full on comforter anyway until she’s a toddler, and she’ll most likely go through at least one crib sheet a day, so really I just need to find a bed skirt and sheets.  I haven’t studied up enough on bumpers.  They are supposed to protect the baby from sticking her little arms and legs between the rungs, but they are a potential suffocation hazard.  I’ve seen the breathable bumpers, so that might be the way I go.

I think we may have found a crib.  It’s fairly cheap, but meets safety standards.  It will only be used the first two years of our children’s lives, so there is no reason to break the bank on it.  We need to find a dresser, a glider/rocker, bookshelves, and a rug, and that should be the extent of our furniture purchases.  It’s a tiny room, so there isn’t room for much else.  We will have to get creative about space.  It’s already going to be tough enough that Trav’s closet is going to have to combine with mine.

We’ve also started a registry with BabyList.  It’s definitely a work in progress and doesn’t have any of the essentials on it, but it’s a start at least.

baby blanket

Colors (white not shown)

Picture the olive-green yarn shown in the picture below as white and then my four additional color choices.  It will be a bright, playful blanket!

baby blanket

Vanna’s Choice Color It Beautiful Afghans, 2007, p. 29

picture frame

Bonus Purchase: Michael’s had some girly room decor next to the yarn section. I thought this would be a cute addition to her room.


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