The First Kick!

Well, that’s not exactly true…your mom has been feeling you kick, turn, sommersault and whatnot for a couple of weeks now.  But last night, it happened.  We were sitting on the couch after a date night – your mom and I enjoy those evenings to ourselves, usually it’s a dinner, a couple of drinks (lemonade for your mom these days!) and good company.  After we got back home, your mom was working on the computer and looked over at me, saying that you were really kicking and moving.  I could see that she had her hand under her shirt, and, I have to admit, I’ve been a little jealous that I hadn’t felt a kick before last night.  Every time I went to try to feel you, you calmed down.

Not this time!

Bethany didn’t want to move too much, because when she does so, for some reason it makes you stop being active.  So I got off the chair and came to the couch, slowly put my hand where she had been holding hers….  And then it happened.  Just tiniest little push.  But I definitely felt you.  With all the kicking and tumbling you’ve been doing, I have the distinct feeling you’re going to be a dancer, just like your mom.

We had been talking earlier in the night about you, the nursery and all the things we need to try and accomplish before June.  Somehow the topic of lullabies came up – actually, that was it, your mom had a picture of a cute stuffed lion she was showing me and said that it would sing to you.  I turned to her and said, “Huh-uh…I’m going to sing lullabies to my baby girl.”

They’re one of those things that my mom always did for Uncle Christopher and me as children.  She has such a beautiful voice.  And I intend to carry on the tradition…with both her songs and, I hope he won’t mind, but I also liked what Great Uncle Wendell would do for his girls.  He used to sing the “oldies” to them, and, since I grew up on them, I was thinking I’d like to do the same thing.  I’ll try not to take the “one” he always had for his girls, “Brown Eyed Girl.”  Of course, it would be easier if you just came out with blue, green or colored eyes of some sort.  🙂

Singing to us was just one of many things that I love my mom for as children.  She is SUCH an amazing mother, I feel so blessed to have had her as an example. 

I remember days in my very early years where she sang the alphabet with me after I came home from school so excited that I knew it!  She shared in my excitement, even though of course it would have been such a trivial thing to her.  When we were sick (not just faking it to get out of a day of school!) she would always make us pieces of toast with peanut butter and butter on them, sliced into thin strips and a glass of orange juice.

I’m not sure quite how she did (does!) it.  How she was able to be such a wonderful mother with such often-ornery young boys to raise.  But she did.  How blessed I am to have a mother like her, and I hope that I am able to pass along some of that same love to you, my Baby Girl.

Well, it’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon – the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, and even though I’m working, at least it’s on the back lanai with the sound of leaves rustling to keep me company.  You know that there are so many people out here yearning to meet you!  We’ll see you soon!




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