22 Weeks

22 Weeks

How far along? 22 Weeks

Baby is the size of: the length of a papaya, about 1 lb.

Total weight gain/loss: 13 pounds (up two lbs from last update)

Maternity clothes?  I have one pair of work pants that I can still button below my belly. I tried to take my maternity work pants to get altered, but the place I’ve gone to in the past is no

longer there.  H&M has a small section of maternity clothes, as does Target, so I’ve gotten just a few basic things there.

Stretch marks?  None yet.

Belly Bump:  I’ve gotten two completely opposite comments this week regarding my size.  One was from a child who said I looked like I’d gotten skinnier since announcing my pregnancy, the other was from a woman at the gym who said I looked big for 5 months.  I’m learning to ignore people’s comments and just be as healthy as I can be.  I’m consistently gaining 1-2 lbs a week, and my doctor has no concerns (other than she told me I can’t kickbox anymore, WHAT?), so I’m not gonna stress.

22 Weeks

Tell me I can’t kickbox? I’ll cut you!

Sleep: Weird dreams are starting.  I had a nightmare earlier this week that involved both Dance Moms and The Bachelor.  Last night I dreamt that my belly button popped prematurely and my doc said I’d need emergency surgery to push it back in.  I can’t tell you the other things I dreamt because it’d be TMI.

Best moment this week:  Good checkup on Monday.  Got to hear Little One’s heartbeat, but we were both disappointed because it was our first appointment where we didn’t have a sonogram.  Gave a great presentation on Wednesday.  Trav cooked dinner for us on Valentine’s Day.  We went to a late movie on Friday that didn’t start until 8.  Usually we call it a night after dinner because we’re too tired to see a movie.  We had a date night at III Forks on Saturday.

Miss anything? Wine, flat belly, one day where I don’t have work or grad work.  I’d like an afternoon free to do whatever I want.

Gender prediction:  It’s a girl.

Names:  It’s a secret.

Symptoms: The usual.  It’s getting more uncomfortable to bend over or put shoes on.  Smooshing my belly makes my stomach hurt, and I start to feel ill.

Cravings:  cereal.  I usually have at least two bowls a day.

Aversions:  I’m not the biggest fan of the smell or taste of fish.  My craving for sweets is subsiding.  We went to Melting Pot last night for dessert, and while Bananas Foster has always been my favorite, I thought it was too sweet and didn’t enjoy it half as much as I usually do.  I also have two slices of Publix cake in the fridge for over a week that I’ve had no desire to touch, same thing with the ice cream in the freezer.

Movement: She likes to kick all over the place.  Usually she hits in threes.  She’ll give three really strong whacks and then chill out.  Travase finally felt her for the first time about a week ago.  I was little sad because as soon as she kicked he immediately drew his hand away like it was on fire.  He was excited but he also looked a little freaked by the experience.  He hasn’t felt her since then.  He’s tried, but she stops by the time his hand’s in place.

What I am looking forward to:  Two birthing center tours coming up:  Baptist South and Baptist downtown.  We’re also finally meeting Don and Cheri’s baby boy next Saturday, and I’m sure Cheri will have a lot of advice to share with us.

Next appointment: March 11th.

21 Weeks

21 Weeks


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