How To Celebrate Last Week in 2nd Trimester

Take a vacation, of course!

27 Weeks

Belly shot – The only time I don’t have to worry about how I look in a bathing suit!

27 Weeks

Side bump! 27 Weeks











I made a short, cheesy slide show of the hotel view from our balcony:

Travase had to go to Miami for a CLE for a couple of days, and I was lucky enough to tag along.  We stayed at the Eden Roc Renaissance Hotel in beautiful Miami Beach, FL.  It was the perfect little getaway (although I did have to finish an assignment and attend class my first evening), but the remainder of my trip I didn’t do any grad work or check my FSU email.  Thursday was spent mainly lounging on the beach, being waited on by the best staff, stuffing my face and not worrying what I looked like in a bathing suit (the one nice thing about being pregnant!).

The second day was overcast, so I spent it mainly in the room reading (still with a great view of the ocean).  Trav was finished with his seminars by 1, and it turned out we were going to stay an extra night so that we could take one of his clients to a Miami Heat game that evening.  We went to a little hole-in-the-wall cafe, Latin Cafe, for lunch and enjoyed some quality Cuban food, then, of all things to do, went to the downtown shopping center so that he could pick up some casual clothes for the evening (men don’t over-pack like women do).  We had gone into a Marshall’s and that’s when I saw baby clothes!  They were selling name brand items like Carter’s and Ralph Lauren, but for cheap, so I figured that was as good a time as ever to start picking things up for Baby Girl.  There was also a kiosk next to our parking garage that was selling hair bows, head bands, and little tutus, so I figured that was a sign I needed to pick up something girly for her as well.  I ended up just getting a headband, but it gave me an idea that I should find someone to make a custom cutey outfit for her for newborn pics.  This is all to say that my first purchases for Baby Girl was at a Marshall’s in Miami.

Miami Heat

LeBron James!

I had never been to a NBA game before, and I found the whole thing to be much classier than football.  We had loge seats which separated us a bit from the crowds of fans, but it was still a lot of fun, and once again, it was nice to be waited on.  This trip was beginning to spoil me!

When we got back home Saturday evening, there were packages in our front room that our contractor must have brought in for us.  My mother had already torn into our registry and bought us a million things!  The first of which I opened were these cute little booties/mittens set that just made me Squee! with excitement.  It is very apparent she is excited to be a grandma considering the amount of items she purchased.  We Skyped on Sunday, and she showed me even MORE items she had purchased that are covering her dining room table

right now.  It’s a good thing we’re finally getting rid of our guest room furniture, or there would be no place for all of this baby stuff.  Right now it’s in plastic bins to keep it safe from all the dust and debris from the remodel.

Speaking of, the tile is finally being installed, and it’s beautiful!  We purchased a new stove/microwave yesterday.  Those will be delivered next weekend, so hopefully there is light at the end of this tunnel.  We’re ready to have our house back!

On Thursday, I will officially begin my third trimester.  I have one more month of grad classes, two more months of work, and then it will be all about successfully bringing a baby into this world.  I’m so looking forward to a summer of baby lovin’ and visits from family.  My life is going to change dramatically, but I couldn’t ask for anything better!


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