34 Weeks

34 Weeks

Please excuse the dusty mirror…

How far along? 34 weeks – that’s 3 weeks until baby is fully developed and safe to deliver and 6 weeks until full term!

Total weight gain:  25.5 lbs at last doctor’s visit

Baby is the size of:  a 5 lb. bag of sugar, almost 18 in long (according to average estimates)

Belly Bump:  huge and uncomfortable

Maternity clothes?  Maternity clothes, Travase’s clothes, potato sacks, whatever works

Stretch marks?  I thought I was getting them on the lower part of my belly (the part I can’t see without a mirror), but it turned out they were just imprints from the pants I had been wearing.  I think once the baby is out, and my belly shrinks rapidly, that’s when they’ll appear.

Sleep:  Getting prepared for baby.  I sleep in 2-4 hour shifts, having to get up to drink water, use the restroom, and rearrange my aching body.  The other night I had the worst leg cramp of my life, and because of it, I’ve been limping around the past three days.

A maxi dress: n.  The 2013 pregnant woman's version of the muumuu.

A maxi dress: n. The 2013 pregnant woman’s version of the muumuu.

Crazy Dreams:  The other night I dreamt that my baby’s first word was “popcorn.”

Best moment of the week:  Teacher appreciation this week, so our PTO fed us well at work.  “Thank you” isn’t said any better than with food!  I also had a parent bring me chocolate covered popcorn from

Peterbrooke.  Yummm!

Miss anything?  Every once in a while I get nostalgic for my former, pre-preggo life.  That life was so much easier and fun.  I feel completely handicapped by this miracle growing inside me.  Even doing the dishes or picking things up off the floor is a major struggle.  The best thing about pregnancy right now is that we are getting packages at our door almost every other day.  This baby is loved!

Movement: No real changes.  She’s very active, sometimes painful, mostly uncomfortable.  The hiccups were cute at first, but now they wig me out.  It’s like having a throbbing heartbeat pounding in my belly, and they take forever to go away.

Food cravings: Again, no cravings (all food is good at this point), but I have realized that I’ve been eating blueberry waffles just about every morning for the past few months.  I also had a major grape craving one morning at work.  I had brought some with me, and while I normally snack casually on them while working, I stopped everything I was doing and ate every single one of them and then was super depressed when they were all gone.

Anything making you queasy or sick: no

Gender predictionWe’re having a girl.

Labor signs:  My body is in a total state of discomfort and, every so often, pain.  There’s ten times more pressure on my pelvis and cervix.  The round ligament pain has come back with a vengeance.  I’m experiencing cramps, and an occasional mild contraction.

Symptoms: I think I’ve covered it all.  I can’t believe I have six weeks to go.  It’s such short time, but when I think about how I’ve been feeling lately, it also feels like an eternity.  I understand why women want to rush birth.

Baby Books

Alex checking out some new additions to baby’s library. Picked these up at T.J. Maxx for cheap!

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On, but I have had to take them off a couple of times due to swelling.

Happy or moody most of the time?  Iron Man 3 had me teary-eyed and choked up several times throughout the movie.  I am happy, but the level of discomfort I’m feeling these days sometimes makes me want to cry.

Looking forward to:  Maternity photos on Sunday and baby shower next Saturday.

Baby prep:  We had a six-hour crash course on 3rd trimester, L&D, and babies last Saturday. I think it was more beneficial to Travase’s work cases than to us.  (At one point, the thought crossed my mind that he sounded like he was deposing our instructor.  Turns out, he kind of was unofficially.)  On Friday, we took a car seat workshop, and now I’m driving around with a car seat in the back of my car.  I guess it’s good to get used to having it back there, and now I’m comfortable with using it.  The only problem is it’s heavy without a baby in it.  I’m going to need to start using my hand weights again.

Next appointment:  May 20th


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