Guest Blogger: Alex – “A Letter to My Kid Sis”

Dear Sis,

You’re about to show up any day now, and I gotta say, it’s about time!  You don’t even know the sacrifices I’ve had to make for you.  I can’t wait to get Mom’s lap back.  Ever since you started growing bigger and bigger, there is less room for me.  I try to jump up on her lap now, and I bounce right back off thanks to your boulder-sized intrusion.  Also, I’ve lost my favorite curl-up-and-sleep spot.  I have to curl up next to Mom’s back now, and pray that she and her giant belly (you!) don’t roll over on me.  Fortunately, she moves so slowly these days that I have plenty of warning to move before I’m crushed.  On the bright side, thanks to you, I feel like Mom and Dad are spoiling me a little bit more than usual.  I’m getting a lot more table food, which used to be a huge no-no, and Mom is dropping food all the time these days.  She’s become a real klutz!

Life has been pretty good so far, but Mom and Dad can be pretty boring, so I’m looking forward to having someone my size to play with.  Plus, your toys look really fun.  I’ve tried taking them for myself, but I keep getting caught.  Let’s make a deal – I’ll share mine if you share yours.  Sound good?  We can shake on it later (a trick I learned years ago, but don’t worry, I’ll teach you).

This one looks especially fun!

This one looks especially fun!

Anyway, we’re all waiting (sorta) patiently for your arrival.  Get here soon!


Your Big Bro Alex


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