Birth Story Part 1

Before things got really real.

All smiles before things got really real.

Please forgive me, as I write this with three full hours of sleep and really sore nipples.

The big event finally came on the night of June 25th – 5 days overdue.  It was around 7 o’clock.  My wonderful husband was home from another long and stressful work day.  We had just finished chatting and eating dinner when we all sat down to watch a little TV, while I continued my obsession with reading articles and chat forums on  At some point I came across a post by one user describing a zany, yet effective labor-inducing pregnancy dance, so I decided to search YouTube for it.  The video provided great humor for everyone, and as we were joking around and being silly decided I should get up and start implementing some of the moves while Trav found some good music for me to bounce around to.  Not even 30 seconds after getting off the couch and doing my first bounce-belly rub, my laughter turned into an “Oh, crap!  I think I’m peeing my pants!”

I ran to the restroom, already feeling liquid running down my legs.  Seriously?  How embarrassing!  As I was running, I heard my mom say, jokingly, “Maybe her water broke!”  In the restroom, I noticed my panties were soaked through and my shorts were wet, but it wasn’t yellow, and it didn’t have a smell.  Son of a gun, my mother was right!  I made my best attempt to run to my bedroom to change into clean clothes, yelling along the way, “It wasn’t pee!  I think my water bag broke!”

Trav wanted me to call the OB straightaway, but I thought after Saturday’s false alarm, this one might be as well.  After all, I still wasn’t experiencing any contractions.  Trav, being the smarter of us two, explained that contractions would most likely follow in a while, but losing amniotic fluid put me and baby at risk of an infection.  So, I conceded and called.  The OB told us to head on in, and this time we didn’t stop to take showers and rethink our packing.  I had time enough to brush my teeth and comment that of course the day I go to the beach and don’t wash my hair would be the day I go in!  Travase scoffed at me, remarking that dirty hair was irrelevant at this juncture.  After all, it would be minor compared to what was to come…

And, of course, I’m sure you’d all love to see the video that set my labor off:


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