One Month

I’m typing this with one hand and pumping with the other.  I’ve learned very quickly to make the use of my time count.  Anyhoo…

You are one month old today!!!

“Mom, you suck at taking pictures!”

By now, I thought I’d have my act together and have this parenting thing figured out, but I still feel completely clueless to your cries and needs, and how to go about living life with a baby.  Your daddy is so busy with work that even when he’s home he has to work, so we haven’t done a whole lot in the way of family time.  I’m hoping to change that.  Your Grandma Erickson is coming today to stay with us for a couple of weeks, and I’d like for us to all do some fun things together while she’s here even though you can’t really be out in public just yet.  You won’t have your two-month immunizations until after the whole Erickson clan has gone back home.  So, it’s early morning or evening outdoor excursions left for you.  Tomorrow, I plan on us all going to the Riverside Arts Market just to get us out of the house.  Mommy is going a bit crazy spending everyday in doors, mostly in front of the television.  I’m forgetting how to have a conversation with people because my brain is programmed to understand Grey’s Anatomy reruns and baby grunts.  My only outings have been quick trips to Target and Publix, not very exciting places, and I always end up feeling like I’d rather be home with you than those stores.

I made one attempt to try to go back to the gym, and it was pretty disastrous.  I didn’t respect all that my body has been put through to bring you into this world, and it was a not-so-nice little reminder that there is a reason why we’re told not to do much during the first six weeks of postpartum and to wait to get the a-okay from the doctor.  So, I’ve come to accept the fact that my job is to cuddle, feed, and care for you 24/7 as you and I both adjust to our new lives.  We have our whole lives ahead of us to explore the big old world together, but right now we should just enjoy each other’s company.

So, here are a few facts about you in your first month of life.

You do a pretty darn good job of sleeping at night.  Every week you can go a little bit longer, but you generally can sleep a stretch of 2-4 hours at a time.  For the most part, you are easy to put down for a nap during the day, but come 4pm you don’t nap at all, and it’s a beast trying to get you to go down.  In the evenings, you eat a ton and don’t finally fall asleep until sometime around 11 even though you’re super tired.  I’m super tired, too, by this time, and so this is my least favorite part of our days together.

Your favorite spot to curl up on me is over my shoulder.  You’d be happy to sleep there all day, and often I’m cool with that, but sometimes I have to put you down in your bassinet.  Sometimes you’re cool with that, sometimes you’re not.  You don’t like your swing or bouncy chair.  You will sit in your swing for a short period as long as it’s not rocking, not making sound, and you’re not strapped in.  You like to quietly stare at the room from this vantage point, but just like your play mat, it gets old quickly, and you’re ready to be held again.  Your favorite things to look at in the living room are the ceiling fan, the large frames on the wall behind the couch, the window, and the TV.  You like high-contrast objects and light, and so you’re more likely to enjoy looking at these than at any toy we jiggle in front of your face.

You take a bottle or a boob.  Doesn’t matter as long as there is yummy milk flowing out of it.  You prefer your milk warm, but will take it room temp if you have to.  You will NOT, however, take it cold, so forget that.  You’re still learning to stay latched on because if you come off, you get fire-hosed with breast milk, often in the face.  I feel bad every time.

You are a captive audience on the changing table after you’ve been changed.  This is probably the only time you’re happy to be laying on your back for any extended period of time.  I can read to you, tickle you, talk to you, and you go with it.  You are doing great with tummy time and are starting to turn your head from one side to the other.  You also turn your head in the direction of whatever noise that’s captivating you.  Sometimes that’s my voice, yay!

You let me take a shower every day.  Thank you.

These are just some amazing things about you, and I could go on all day if you’d let me, but you’re a very demanding girl and right now you’re doing your grunting/waking up dance.  Off to love on you.  Happy One Month!


3 thoughts on “One Month

  1. The early days are so hard sometimes. (Well, there’s always hard days…) However, things get better every. single. week. I promise. You are already an awesome, even if it doesn’t feel like it all the time. I remember being at the point you are and literally not being able to wrap my mind around the idea of getting E and I both ready in the morning and getting ANYWHERE, let alone to work, on time, every day. But magically, it got better. And I did it. And then it was no big deal.

    I would be willing to imagine daddy has some “must provide awesomeness for my superwife and little girl” feelings going on. It’s all just such an adjustment, but my God it’s amazing and precious. Like I will shake my head and overflow with overwhelming awe sometimes, if that even begins to explain it.

    Enjoy your little lady!!

  2. I came across your blog on baby center. My little guy is almost seven weeks and I can definitely relate to your experiences. Thanks for sharing!

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