Two Months


Today, you are two; that is truer than true!

Today you are two months old!  It’s so exciting watching you grow and learn new things.  Every week you discover something new, and every week I am learning to be a better mom.  I knew when it came time to write this post I would probably be exhausted or rushed, or both, and wouldn’t be able to remember all the new things you are doing, so I started making notes on my phone every time I thought of something to add to this post.  It’s funny to look at because what I had recorded at the beginning of this month doesn’t always apply to what you are doing now.  In just the past week alone, heck, weekend, so much has changed, but I’ll do my best to encapsulate you, Ellis Rose, in month two of your life.

You were 10 lbs 11oz and 23 inches long at your 2 month check up.  You had to have 3 shots, and I felt so horrible for you as the nurse jabbed you in quick succession before either of us knew what happened.  Then you started to howl, so I picked you up and held you tight.  I wanted to cry for you, but knew that wouldn’t help you feel better.  I let you nurse a little bit before we left the room, and you spent most of the morning and early afternoon either sleeping or being consoled.  I let you stay in your pjs all day, and we did a whole lot of cuddling.  By the afternoon, you were back to being all smiles.

1-Recently Updated16You stretch your arms up high after I release you from your swaddle.  Sometimes I make a “boing” sound for added effect.  I worry that you are going to begin to dislike the sound of Velcro, because you resist when I initially swaddle you.  But then I turn you sideways, and like magic, your eyes close, and you drift off to slumber land.

I know you’re tired when you start rubbing your face into my chest.  You also like to bury your face into my side or under my arm, or you try to wiggle until you have your face underneath a blanket when you fall asleep.  This makes me worried that you won’t be able to breathe, so I only allow it if I’m holding you.

You like to “bounce” on your very strong legs.

You are starting to work on your grasp.  My favorite is when you grab one of my fingers or try to hold my hand, especially when you’re nursing.

You like to lay your head on my shoulder to sleep.  Sometimes you squeeze my arm with yours, and I feel like it’s your way of giving me a hug.

You are sleeping through the night.  Yay!  (You go down around 9:30 or 10:00 and don’t wake up until 3 am).

You are more accepting of your swing and bouncer.  On our beach trip, you took almost all of your naps in the swing. I can place you in the swing, and you’ll talk and coo at the ceiling fan while I make a cup of coffee in the morning. I can put you in the bouncer for a short period to entertain you while I am busy doing something like putting away your clothes.  I talk to you so that you know I’m still there.  Today, you played on your activity mat for a long time (10-15 min).  I was able to eat lunch while you had some fun.  Overall, you are more willing to let me put you down.

You have grown, and it’s very apparent.  I packed away your newborn clothes last week, and you are in size 1 diapers now.  I remember about 2-3 weeks ago, first putting you in size 1s and 0-3 mo. outfits and laughing because they were so big on you.  Not anymore!  The good news is that you have A LOT of clothes in sizes 0-3 mo./3M, so I’m just hoping you have an opportunity to wear everything at least once.  It’s been a lot of fun dressing you.

You smile a lot.1-Recently Updated15

You love looking, smiling, and cooing at the ceiling fan in every room of the house.  We call “him” your friend.

I love having conversations with you.  Often it’s on the dressing table when my face is really close to yours.  You’ll smile and start cooing and babbling, and I’ll talk back to you, pause and listen as you “say” something else.

You are enjoying new toys these days.  Your pink monkey captivates you, and I’ll have to pull on his head to play music over and over because you never seem to tire of it.  Your favorite book right now is Baby Love.  The kitty and doggy are your favorite, so we’ll spend extra time talking and playing with them.  You like the “prrr” sound the kitty makes; it makes you smile.  You like looking at the doggy and hearing it make the “ruff” sound.

1-2013-07-26 One Month!

All of this play makes it easier (for the most part) to put you down for a nap, but you have a hard time staying asleep.  Your daddy told me to stop going in at your first cry, so that you can learn to put yourself back to sleep.  So I’m giving it a shot, but it’s not exactly working for me just yet.

There is so much more I could share.  All of the firsts you’ve experienced this month.  All the ways I’ve grown as a mother this month.  But I’m tired, and I’m sacrificing my sleep to finish this post off.  There are a ton of photos I could add, but again, time is limited, and I want to get this posted before your 2 month birthday is over in an hour.  So I’ll stop and say I love you so very much, and I’m so excited for what tomorrow has in store for us!



8 thoughts on “Two Months

  1. If she wakes up too soon, let her cry a little before going back in there. 🙂 Husband is right! It’s SOO hard but it’ll get easier for you. She is just startled and will get it quickly! she is gorgeous!!! you’re an amazing mom and this post made me tear up, going through a lot of the same things! Love her little giraffe chair! now i want one 🙂

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