Baby’s Day Out

Ellis in her cute outfit. I think she’s starting to look like me!

Yesterday we had our first truly successful outing with Ellis.  Labor Day Monday meant that Travase was home from work (I was actually surprised by this and hadn’t counted on him being home), and so I decided to wash my hair, put real clothes on, and do something besides sitting around the house all day.  We agreed on lunch at Brick in Avondale.  It’s a nice place to walk around after, and we had a gift certificate from the last time we were there.  I found a cute outfit for Ellis to wear, and then a less-cute outfit for her to wear after she pooped on the first, pumped some milk during her second nap while Trav put together the diaper bag, and by 12:30ish, we were out the door.

Ellis cried the entire drive.  She only stopped when Trav would pump the breaks, forcing the car into jerky movements.  And of course, we hit every red light on the way, which she is even less fond of than being strapped into her hot car seat.  We parked in the neighborhood behind St. Johns Avenue, underneath a shady tree, and away from anyone’s eye-line so that I could nurse her and then change her diaper in the car.  After which, she was a much more contented baby, and the sweat on her back from the car seat had dried.

All of the fuss, discomfort, and activity made Ellis sleepy, and the cool a/c of the restaurant along with the back and forth rocking of her stroller, Ellis slept for most of our lunch, only opening her eyes every once in a while and letting them slowly fall heavy again.  I went all out and ordered brie, seared ahi tuna, and a glass of wine – three things that are off-limits during pregnancy.  Ellis’s timing was perfect, as we both finished our lunches right before she woke up for good.  Trav warmed a bottle for her, and she took it without complaint.  Now that she was out of her stroller, she was getting a lot more attention from the patrons around us and lots of compliments (even though she was wearing her less-cute outfit).  I changed her diaper in the restroom, something we are both still getting used to, and we were good to go.  Unfortunately, because it was a Monday – holiday or not – all of the shops were closed, so we decided to head on back home.  It was too hot to be outside, and, at 3:30, we were probably pushing our luck with Ellis’s contentment.  She was much more calm and even fell asleep on the drive home.

At home, I tried to put her down for a nap, but she was ravenously hungry.  Normally, she’ll take .5 oz to 2 oz in one feeding, but this time she took 5 oz!  We don’t like to waste milk, so we only warm up 1 or 2 oz at a time.  I had keep asking Trav to warm another ounce, and another, because she kept sucking them down with no signs of being full.  Either she is having a growth spurt, or I don’t realize how much she gets from nursing.  After her giant meal, she was not in the mood to sleep in her crib, so I swaddled her and stuck her in her swing, and she slept for almost 2 hours!  I made brownies, had a glass of wine, and Trav and I watched a movie (in its entirety!) while a rainstorm poured down outside.  It felt so strange, yet oddly familiar, to be able to sit for so long with nothing else to do.  And just like the sweet girl she is, Ellis waited until the movie was over before she woke again.

Trav hung the amateur mobile I made over Ellis’s crib.  I think it’s an eyesore, but if it captivates Ellis’s attention, it’ll stay.  If not, it’s coming down.  Ellis drank 5 more ounces, and then (because enough time had passed since my glass of wine), I nursed her because she had drank all the milk that had been thawed, and by 8, she was asleep in bed!  Trav prepared dinner for us, and we sat at the table together to eat.  We cleaned the kitchen up, and after changing Ellis and nursing her one last time for the night, we were in bed ourselves.

This may sound like the lamest day, and why would I even post about it?  But to me, it was a really good day, and one I want to keep in my memory.  It gives me hope that we can function as people with a baby, and that we are getting better at being parents.  Today, I’m going to attempt to introduce Ellis to what will hopefully become our favorite mother-daughter past time – shopping.  I’ve been living in the stretchy tank tops leftover from my maternity wardrobe because they provide easy access for nursing, but I’d like to have some cute tops that I can nurse in but still look put together.  I’m also just sick of sitting at home and being afraid to take Ellis anywhere.  On Wednesday, we are going to our first “Breastfeeding Moms” group – where baby massages and nutrition for moms is on the agenda.  We’re going to try the Pet Walk on Wednesday evening as long as the weather is good.  Thanks to yesterday’s success, I feel much more confident that these excursions will be just as good.


2 thoughts on “Baby’s Day Out

    • I don’t think she’ll be ready for the clubs for a few more years, and by then I hope I don’t try to be the “cool mom” who goes clubbing with her daughter. If I do, you’ll have to talk me out of it.

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