A Few of My Favorite (Baby) Things

This post may or may not be helpful to new moms, but I thought I’d share anyway.  I read lots of mommy blogs, and I either learn something new and useful, or I think, Eh, that’s not for me.  May this post do the same for you.  These are what I have found to be my top baby essentials that I couldn’t live without these past two months.

1.  Pampers Swaddlers

Duh!  Diapers are essential, whatever kind you decide to use.  There is the cloth vs disposable debate, but once I got diapers upon diapers at my baby showers, the decision was pretty easy.  Most moms use disposable, and their kids are absolutely fine.  No need for me to go being Super Mom.  I was advised that Pampers are the best in the disposable diaper department, and besides a few blow out incidents (that may have been from user error), we have not had any leak problems.  They also have a yellow line that turns blue when the diaper is wet.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t tell you if it’s dirty.

PicCollage22.  Summer Infant SwaddleMes

Friends of ours told us about these.  It’s the best cheat for parents who don’t want to spend 5 minutes swaddling their baby only for him or her to break out of it in 5 seconds flat.  The SwaddleMes employ velcro to keep baby’s arms secure.  Yes, baby can still break free, but it’s a breeze to stick her arms back in without it being a huge ordeal.  They come in all sorts of cute colors and patterns, and some even have a little hole near the bottom so that you can check that yellow/blue line without having to completely unswaddle baby.  I used to use swaddle blankets during the day and SwaddleMes at night, but now I just use the SwaddleMes for every nap.

3.  Aden + Anais Burpy Bibs


There is nothing more annoying than a burp cloth that falls off – onto baby’s face, onto the floor, wherever. Friends of ours had recommended the My Brest Friend burp cloths, and even gifted us with a set of three, saying they were the only ones she used.  She must never have tried these burpy bibs from Aden + Anais.  Ever since I bought them, they are the only ones I’ll use (if they’re clean).  They are large, hug your shoulder, and have just enough weight that they stay put.  Often, I’ll forget that it’s there, and I’ll hop in the car or get into bed with a burp cloth still on my shoulder.


Of course, burp cloths can only do so much…


4.  Baby Connect App


I should try going one day without logging all of Ellis’s movements onto this app.  I’m not sure I could do it.  This app keeps track of everything – sleep, eat, diaper change, activities, doctor’s appointments, milestones, etc.  I mainly use the sleep, eat, change logs, but have started using the activity one as well, now that she’s awake more and into playing.

I also just discovered and love the Sleep Pillow app.  Ellis is just now showing an interest in her musical toys, and this app has both lulling and playful music as well as ambient sounds and white noise to help with sleep.   I use it in the car, in her nursery, when we’re playing, and when it’s nap time.  She loves it, and so I do, too.

5.  Cozy Sun & Bug Cover


Unfortunately, you can barely see Ellis in this picture, but it’s a great shot of the bug cover!

This was a gift from another couple who also had a baby recently. I use this on walks and outings with Ellis when we’ll be outside.  The sun shade protects her from the sun, but still allows for air to circulate in from the sides.  It gets hot in her carrier – warm weather or not – so this allows at least a little breeze to poke through while protecting her from the sun (babies can’t wear sunscreen until 6 mos of age) and keeping the bugs at baby.

6.  Baby Balboa Car Seat Canopy


Baby Balboa cover and Aden + Anais burp cloth

Along with the Cozy Sun & Bug Cover, I got this car seat cover to use when we run errands where we’ll be inside mostly.  It again protects baby from the sun, but it makes a great sun shade when she’s in the car as well, and was good assurance to have before she had her 2 month immunizations.  Keeping her covered in public protects her from any yucky germs or viruses that may be lurking.  There are a ton of car seat covers, and I’m sure they are all as effective as the Baby Balboa.  This just happened to be the only one we saw in the car seat section of Buy Buy Baby, so it was the first we saw and grabbed.

7.  Footie Pajamas

Any brand, any style, though I prefer the ones that zip up as opposed to those that have crotch snaps – easier to open and close when doing middle of the night diaper changes in the dark.  Why are these on my must haves?  Because baby looks SO cute wearing them, and I’m sure they are super comfy for her as well.  I’ll wait until Ellis has had her second morning nap before I change her out of her pajamas.  I would keep her in them all day, but she has a ton of clothes that would go unused if I did that.


Best naps are on Mom!

To view other baby products I’ve used and rated, visit WeeSpring.com.


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