The Nursery Post

Most women on their pregnancy blogs do a post showcasing the lovely nurseries they’ve created for their little ones.  The difference is that they post them BEFORE baby arrives.  When Ellis was born, her room was painted, but there was an air mattress on the floor where my mother slept during her visit, and Ellis’s furniture didn’t arrive until a week after she did.  I hadn’t been too concerned about not having her nursery set up before she arrived because we had her bassinet and diaper station ready to go in our room, and everyone I talked to told me she wouldn’t use her nursery or crib for at least the first three months.

WRONG!  Let me be the first to advise you that if you can set up your nursery in advance, please do, because you won’t have the time, energy, or brain cells to do it after your tiny overlord precious bundle of joy arrives.

We’ve been using Ellis’s nursery daily since it was set up.  She did stay in her bassinet until about 2 months, but that was partially because we hadn’t bought a mattress for her crib until then.  See?  The to-dos just pile up.  Basically, the girl accumulated a lot of stuff before she was born, and I needed to have it organized so that I knew what she would need immediately and what we wouldn’t need until later.  I also really didn’t like changing her diapers on our bed or on the ottoman in the living room as leaking tended to happen on the times where I forgot to first put down a waterproof pad.

12 weeks since our daughter was born, we’ve finally hung the remaining pictures on the walls and cleared the tools off her closet shelf.  The only thing still waiting to be done is changing out her ceiling fan which has been sitting in a box in my office patiently waiting for its moment to shine.

Anyway, enough of this chit chat… Let’s see some pics!


(Back when Alex was happily an only child.)

Buh-bye, guest room.  Visitors, meet our air mattress.

Buh-bye, guest room. Visitors, meet our air mattress.



And now for the slide show…


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