Three Months

3 MonthsAnother month has come and gone, and you are now a quarter of a year old!  Things have really started to settle down for us, and we’re into a predictable routine.  I guess this is the calm before the storm, i.e. teething (eek!).  I’m realizing that all of these milestones your first year are spread out to encourage parents that all this work is paying off.  I never thought I would be so excited to see you grasp your plastic caterpillar, but once you did, I thought Yes!  Progress!  You’ve met a lot of milestones this past month, many of them small and unnoticeable, but I’ve been watching, and I’m very proud of all you can do.  Let’s start with the big things.

You move!  More than wiggle and jerk uncontrollably, you are gaining control of your reflexes, arms, and fingers.  It’s still a work in progress, but you are working it!  One Sunday morning (September 8th), you decided to roll off of your pillow and onto your side to play.  I was very excited and shared a video with our family.  You did it several more times that afternoon.  You still do it every once in a while, but not consistently.  Even bigger news is that you rolled from your tummy to your back for the first time on September 18th.  I was not expecting this and was so excited for you that I picked you up and ran to get the phone to call your daddy.  I tried to see if you would do it again so I could get it on video for him, but you were uncooperative.  However, the next morning, you rolled over as soon as I placed you on your tummy.  I got the camera to film you doing it again, and like the evasive stinker you are, you rolled over the moment I clicked the stop button.  You rolled over one or two more times, but I gave up on filming it.  The last time you rolled over was Monday, the 23rd.  You waited for your Aunt Melissa to witness it, and after you rolled over, you started crying.  Probably because Aunt Mel’s and my reactions freaked you out.

You swat and grab for your toys.  I placed you in your Bumbo chair yesterday, and you tried to grab for your foot.  You kept pulling on your pant leg trying to get at it.

You love sticking one or both hands in your mouth.

Can bring your toys to your mouth if they’re accidentally attached to your hands.  (You’re just trying to put your hands in your mouth, but surprise! there’s a toy!)

You blow spit bubbles.  I didn’t know that was a thing.Spit Bubbles

Recently, you started making duck face.  It’s super cute.

You like musical toys and ones that rattle.

Surprisingly, you love Manny the Monster.  I thought he would scare you, but you smile so big whenever you see him.

Your father and I named your toys for you: Purple Owl, Manny the Monster, Alice the Duck, Bert the Bird, Carl the Frog, and Green Frog.

You put your hands together like you’re praying.

You can follow objects, sounds, and people with your eyes and head.

You still love ceiling fans.

You love going out and seeing new environments.

You will break your neck to try to see the TV.  We spend most of our days now with it off completely so that you can focus.

You love your mommy, and I’m the only one who can console you when you’re unhappy.

Sometimes you are fickle about sleeping.  You will be out cold in my arms, but the moment I put you down, you aren’t having it.

You are overall a happy baby and freaking adorable.

Hey, look!  Feet.

Hey, look! Feet!


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