Getting Out of the House

We hit a rough bump around your 3 month birthday.  You started sleeping less and began the very beginning stages of teething – gumming everything and worrying me that you were in discomfort.  I began to feel like I was spending all of my time and energy trying to get you to sleep.  I would spend more time putting you down than you actually slept, and it was driving me bonkers.  I decided to ignore everything I had read in those silly baby books and instead of trying to maintain the 90 min wake cycle, go about life and wait for your cues.  That meant maybe you would only nap for 15 minutes in the car or be awake for a 2 hour stretch – things the books tell you are completely detrimental to your sleep schedule – but guess what?  You have always done well sleeping through the night, with only one or two early morning feedings, and almost everyday this past week you’ve taken an hour and a half to two-hour nap, and to top that off, we’re getting out of the house.  I You We are getting sick of your activity mat and the monotony of our days, and while we don’t really need anything more from Target, or wherever, it’s a nice change of scenery.

So, what are some of our outings?

I’ve taken you to the Town Center. A lot. You prefer to be out of your carrier and in my arms so you can look around at everything.  I may need to start using the Baby Bjorn when we go out.

We go to Target.  A lot.

I am taking baby steps towards using the child care at our gym.  I took you to Brooks on Monday to tour the KidZone, speak with the caregivers, and get you added to our account.  Now that we’re paying for you, I better start making the most of it.  I found that working out at night was too tough for two reasons.  Your daddy hardly ever gets home in time for me to go, and on the occasions that he does, I’m so exhausted that it’s almost a wasted trip that would be better spent napping.  I was going to try it out on Tuesday morning, but you decided to nap instead, and why would I argue with that?  We might try again this morning…

You went to your very first story time on Wednesday.  We got there at 10 o’clock, just as the doors to the library were opening.  There was a line of people already waiting outside of the doors to get in, and apparently there are a limited number of spaces to get in to story time.  Fortunately, we just made the cut.  Story time rules are surprisingly strict.  One mother and her two children were sent packing because the children were too old, and there has to be a ratio of one parent to one child.  Jeez.


You almost slept through your first story time.

Story time consists of mommies sitting on the floor in a semi-circle with our babies in our laps, singing songs, and doing hand gestures.  It’s the moms doing all the singing while the babies drool, bounce, wiggle, or run around and dance if they have mastered the art of mobility.  The librarian read a story from a very tiny book that most of the babies probably didn’t even notice.  We read and sing at home, so why go back?  Because you are completely enthralled by all the other babies, and it’s a new environment for you to enjoy.  I heard another mother mention that they do story times at Pottery Barn Kids and Barnes & Noble, so we’ll have to check those out, too.

I looked into signing up with a Stay At Home Moms meet up group, but they had all of these rules, requirements, and a screening process.  I had to fill out an application that made me feel like I was signing my life away, and was told they would have to meet me (job interview) before deciding whether I could join their group.  No thanks.  If you’re that uptight about recreational get-togethers, I can only imagine how fun you are.


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