Four Months


Who’s 4 months today? This girl!

You are four months old today!

Man, this last month was a doozy.  I really am hoping that things calm down, improve, whatever this month.  According to The Wonder Weeks, you’ve been in a black hole, or what they refer to as the fourth leap, for the last four and a half weeks.  There should be light at the end of the tunnel, but from what I am reading on other baby sites, there’s this thing called the four-month sleep regression that has me cowering in my fall boots flip flops (It’s still hot out).  You have been a not-so-great sleeper this past month, and now you are going to be sleeping even less?  I hope you like a side of caffeine with your breast milk.  You have been dealing with swollen gums which makes life a bit unpleasant for you as well, and you haven’t learned any real, cool new tricks this month, so you’ve kind of been a drag this month.  Just kidding.  Your mommy loves you!  Here are some interesting tidbits about you:


Letting Dr. Stanley check you out.

4 month check up:  12 lbs. 11 oz. (35th percentile), 24 3/4 inches in length (76th percentile), 16 inch head (47th percentile)

You barely fussed when you got your shots because you are a baby ninja.

You want everything in your mouth.  All of it.  At the same time.  This makes life tough for you because it can’t happen.  You try to be coy when you slip two fingers into your mouth as you’re eating, but you’re not fooling anybody.  Eat or suck on your fingers, but ya can’t do both.

You give me open mouth kisses.  Again, I think this goes back to you wanting everything in your mouth, including Mommy’s lips.  You’ve chewed on my nose, fingers, shoulders, hair…

You are better at grasping objects and, would you know it, putting them in your mouth!  Although, it was pretty funny today.  You were chewing on Sophie, and your arm started to stretch away from you, so you tried to chase it with your mouth, not realizing you could just bring your hand back to your mouth.

You are starting to laugh.  No real chuckles yet, but short little shrill hehs.  You mainly laugh when I make silly faces and/or sounds.

You traded in your sweet little coos and gurgles for a zombie-sounding rasp.

You are aware of Alex now, and track him when he’s in the room.  You smile in delight when you see him, even though he’s kind of a jerk to you.  Don’t worry.  Eventually, he’ll warm up to you.

I clipped one of your toe nails on October 22.  This is a big deal because I’ve been too afraid to clip your nails.  As you can see from the big scratch on your face at your doctor’s appointment, I need to clip your fingernails.  I just can’t figure out when to do it.  You’re swaddled when you’re asleep, and you’re too squirmy when you’re awake.

You still get the hiccups, and you still have cradle cap.  We talked to your pediatrician, and he recommended Selsun Blue.  We’ve only used it once on you so far, so we’ll see how it works.  We’ve also given you baby Tylenol twice now for your gums.  I worry about giving it to you, but I also don’t want you to be miserable, so it’s a decision I struggle with every time.




I bet I can get this in my mouth!


Not a fan of the giant bow.


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