Your First Halloween


Your first artwork

Something changed in me when I became a mommy.  Even before, when I was expecting.  I used to love scary movies and dark dramas.  Dexter, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead.  You don’t know what these are, and I hope you don’t for a very, very, very long time.  Once I learned I was pregnant with you, my television show of choice became America’s Funniest Home Videos where there are lots of clips of babies doing cute things and lots of laugh out loud candid moments caught on tape.  I started preferring comedies, and light-hearted stories to scary movies and dramas.  This still remains true.  I watch an episode of The Walking Dead and think Why am I wasting my precious little free time on this?  So it was very unlike me to not have a long list of Halloween horror movies queued up on the DVR or scary decorations adorning the house this year.  I am very cautious of what you are exposed to, even at this young age.  We went into a Halloween store not long before Halloween looking for costumes, and I immediately regretted it.  There was scary stuff everywhere – zombies, creepy killer clowns – it looked a lot like a haunted house.  Your daddy got super excited and wanted to check all the exhibits out; I just wanted to get you far away from it all as possible.  I know in the future to scope out the Halloween stores before bringing you with us – or just avoid them altogether.

IMG_2801We took you to a pumpkin patch the Saturday before Halloween.  Of course, it was still hot, so it was hard to get into the fall mood.  There wasn’t a lot for a 4 month old to do at the pumpkin patch, so after a quick lap, we bought some pumpkins, took some pictures, then headed to St. Augustine for lunch and walked around a bit.  We had two events planned that evening, but seeing as how we completely wore you out and you had been stuck in your car seat for a good part of the day, I opted to keep you home so that you could sleep in peace.



Normally, Halloween night consists of me cooking dinner, turning on scary movies, and waiting for Daddy to get home from work.  We hand out candy to the neighborhood kids, watch more scary movies, and then call it a night.  We stepped up our Halloween plans this year.  I bought bags of candy, and sadly, we have ended up consuming a lot of it because we weren’t home to hand out any of it.  I ironed your bumble bee costume (made me feel super domesticated, like a real stay at home mom), dressed you after your nap (only in your onesie, and opted not to put you in leggings because it was still warm out).  We went to Daddy’s office first, then headed over to Avondale where we assembled your costume, paraded you around the neighborhood, took some pictures, and then stopped at Biscotti’s for a super delicious dinner.  This probably won’t be our typical Halloween, but since it was your first, and you probably won’t remember it, it was more for Daddy and me.


Mmm… candy!


Cutest bumble bee I’ve ever seen!


Happy Halloween!


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