First Thanksgiving

Yesterday was your first Thanksgiving and our first holiday as parents!  Sadly, we have chosen to not travel with you this holiday season, so we didn’t get to be home with family this year.  However, we made the best of it and were invited to spend the day with our friends Don and Cheri.  You had a normal morning with the exception that Daddy was home, so you got to hang out with him a bit before your first nap.


Dressed in your jammies and a hat to go get the neighbor’s paper. It was a chilly 40 degree morning!

We watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade while we got cleaned up.  Then Daddy helped Mommy prepare macaroni and cheese, creamed corn, and an apple pie snickerdoodle dessert.  We waited until right before leaving to dress you (because I am becoming an experienced mom).  We loaded up the car, running late as is our norm these days, and were on our way to the Wagners!


You liked Brycen’s doggies, Rusty and Jackson.  I think Jackson reminded you of a giant version of Alex.



Now that you are almost 6 months, I think it’s time we look into getting you a high chair.  You didn’t like not being able to see everything from your swing, and even though you were tired at this point, you refused to miss out on the action!


After a sad 23 minute nap, you got up just in time to watch Brycen open his birthday presents.


Yawning.  Hmm… wonder why you’re so tired?

IMG_4120 IMG_4121 IMG_4123 IMG_4125

Playing in Brycen’s exersaucer and getting kisses from Jackson.

We sang “Happy Birthday” and had birthday cake for Brycen’s 1st birthday, then you were ready to go.  Daddy read you stories and then it was off to bed for you.


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