6 Months

IMG_5112It’s your half birthday today!  Happy birthday to you!

I was hoping I would have some big milestones to write about today, but you are perfectly, contentedly taking your time.  So here’s what we can say about you.

You had your 6 month well visit on the 20th.  You are 14 lbs 10 oz, 25.5 in, and your head has grown to 17 in.

You still nurse or take a pumped bottle.  We introduced solids about 2.5 weeks ago.  You’ve tried carrots and sweet potatoes.  You’re not so much into eating them as you are into playing with your food.  We give you a spoon, and you prefer to chew on it, so we sometimes sneak food onto it so you’ll get some in your mouth.  I also put some food on your tray, and you smear it around, scoop some up, and put it in your mouth.  Needless to say, you get baths much more frequently now.

We completely eliminated your cradle cap, thanks to a suggestion by some friends.  We put a couple drops of baby oil on your head, and within a day your dry scalp was non-existent.  Your daddy likes to still put baby oil on your head because he likes the smell and he thinks it makes your hair look more kempt.

You like chewing on straws at restaurants, and on Christmas Eve you grabbed the lemon out of my drink.  I thought it would be funny to let you taste it, thinking you would make a silly face, but you went to town on it like it was the best thing you ever had.  We offered you one the next night, and you were no longer interested.  Such a fickle girl.

You sat in a high chair at a restaurant for the first time.  Depending on the chair, you might be able to sit upright, but often you slip and slide all over the place, so we use a cover that holds you in place better.  You also rode in the front of a cart for the first time.  The first time was at Babies R Us, and it wasn’t successful because you kept falling over, but I took you to the grocery store with the cart cover, and we had more success.  Of course, shopping took twice as long because I had to go extra slow and people kept stopping us to fawn over you.


Daddy finally installed the car seat base for his car, so now we don’t always have to take my car!

You are sitting up with support.  I put the Boppy around you, or I’ll straddle you, and you can stay upright for a little while until you want a toy and then you fall over.

You roll everywhere, but aren’t crawling yet.  You push yourself backwards or fall forward on your face.  You can’t seem to figure out how to get your legs and arms to work together.  You are still much happier on your back anyway.

You rolled over in your crib for the first time about a week or so ago.  I freaked out because “back is best” is drilled into every parent’s head – it’s even embroidered on your sleep sacks lest we forget – so when I saw you sleeping with your face down, I was worried you were going to suffocate.  I kept going in your room to check that you were breathing and that your nose was uncovered.  Turns out you enjoy sleeping on your belly.  The first couple days you took seriously long naps, and I thought all our sleep problems were over.  But then you started rolling yourself to your back when you wake up and your naps went back to being far too short.  You also protest more often when I lay you down in the crib.  It’s getting harder to put you down because you just want to sleep in our arms, which I love, but Momma’s gotta sleep and get things done!

You smile when you sneeze.

You blow spit.  Not spit bubbles.  Just spit.


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