First Christmas

I had all of these exciting plans for our family during the Christmas season – traditions I wanted to start with you – but you are only 5 months and getting you to sleep well and on a schedule just seems more important right now.  So we put those late outings on hold and kept it rather low-key for your first Christmas.

Christmas EveIMG_4940

Christmas Eve FB Status

Daddy was home for the day.  (Yay!) We hung out at home, and for dinner I made my first attempt at Beef Wellington while Daddy made his delicious twice-baked potatoes.  We enjoyed dinner together then went driving around to see Christmas lights.  You snoozed on the drive, which was good because otherwise you would have been super unhappy.  You woke up at your 30 minute mark, and we stopped at Brick for coffee and dessert.  We sat outside because it was perfectly cool but comfortable under the heat lamps and because we had brought Alex with us.  Surprisingly, Alex got more attention and oohs and aahs from passersby than you did.  You enjoyed your first lemon, and the only thing that made you happy on the ride home was chewing on a straw.  I sat in the back with you to make sure you didn’t jab it down your throat.


You woke much earlier than I would have preferred, and you didn’t want to go back to sleep, so we were up at the crack of dawn.  We made coffee, watched some news, and opened our Christmas stockings.  You opened a couple of Christmas gifts before you were ready for your first nap.  Daddy and I opened our presents to one another and finished prepping brunch while you slept.  30 minutes later, you were up and opening the rest of your gifts.  Daddy and I enjoyed mimosas, french toast casserole, and another breakfast casserole.  We put you down for your second nap, then headed to bed for our own nap.  40 minutes later, we begrudgingly got up and brought you to bed with us.  We talked to PapaBob on the phone, took some showers, then Skyped with everyone at Oma’s back in KC.  We had 4:30 reservations at Mitchell’s Fish Market.  It was freezing out.  The Town Center was deserted, but the restaurant was packed.  You looked so precious in your Christmas dress, but you were fussy through most of dinner because you were insatiably hungry.  Our house was a disaster by the end of all the festivities, but we left it and went to bed happy and full!


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