7 Months


Hello, Miss Busy Body!  We have finally reached the stage where you are a super fun baby with a personality and mind of your own.  You are getting to be such a big girl, and I’m so proud of all your little big accomplishments!

You are so close to crawling.  You rock back and forth with your belly off the ground. You scoot around on your belly, pushing with your toes.  You’re getting to be pretty fast if there is something you want badly enough.  This means we have to stay on top of you because you want to investigate everything.

You prefer standing and walking, but you are not quite pulling yourself up yet.

You sit without support, but you can’t pull yourself to sitting yet.  You fall over about 10 times a day because you haven’t learned to put your hands out.  I try to not make a big deal when you topple, but if you start to cry, I’m right there to give you a hug and kiss and tell you you’re okay.photo(31)

You don’t like being dressed or have your diaper changed anymore.  You rollover and try to crawl away, which can be a messy situation if you have a dirty diaper.

We took the sling off your bathtub, and now you sit up and splash in the tub.

You spent the majority of the month whining.  Wonder Weeks called it a “fussy period,” but I think that’s an understatement.  I’m not allowed to be out of your sight or farther than 2 inches from you else you freak out.

You still are inconsistent in your sleep patterns.  For about a week you were taking long naps.  It was wonderful, but now you’re back to 30 minutes.  We tried sleep training you, but I hated it, and I don’t think it helps, and you have so many milestones and developmental changes that it’s only expected that you are going to have some hard nights and need your momma.

You are more vocal but still only screeching or yelling.  You say “boof” or “oof.”

It is so hard to get you to laugh.  When you do, it’s not a full on belly laugh.  Even still, you are ticklish, and squeal when we tickle.

You like eating, but still prefer to feed yourself.  You let us give you a couple of bites and then you say, “Okay, I’ll take over now!”  You’ve eaten oatmeal, carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, peas, and potatoes.  Oatmeal and butternut squash are your favorites.  I think it’s because you prefer your food baked instead of steamed, which makes sense.  You love sucking on apples, but aren’t into bananas (are you sure you’re my daughter?).

You like books with different textures.  You know where to put your hands to feel the furry puppy or the fluffy kitty cat.  You try to feel all your books and wonder why they don’t all have touch and feel pages.  You also love opening and closing the flaps and on the lift the flap books.  You love being read to and enjoy looking at the illustrations.  We read several books to you as part of your bedtime routine, but Goodnight Moon and Under the Same Moon are always the closers.  Mommy and Daddy are very close to being able to recite these by heart.

You like to suck on your socks and take them off in the car.


n-o to the chair-o


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