8 Months


Slow your roll, girl.  Slow. your. roll.    You are eight months and like a real, grown up baby.  When – how did that happen?  You’re still only “ze-wo,” according to the five-year-old infatuated with you at My Gym, but in a mere four months we will be celebrating your first birthday!  Let the party planning begin.  From the rest of the world’s perspective, you are still relatively little, but you outweigh the dog and feel like a big girl in my arms.  Alex was twice your weight when we brought you home from the hospital, so you’ve got to be at least 16 pounds now.  You’re outgrowing your 6mo clothes and are into your 9mo wardrobe.  It’s so much fun to watch you because you are now doing all those baby things I’ve seen other babies do and thought “Wow, that will be fun when my baby can act like a little human being instead of a lump of crying, pooping, sleeping something.  Here are some of the amazing big girl things you are doing these days.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


You pull yourself up to standing.  You haven’t mastered this, and you grab surfaces that aren’t stable, so one of the many reasons we have to watch you like a hawk.

You sit up on your own.  You can roll, sit up, and creep around all on your own.  You start to crawl, but when you really want to get somewhere fast, you flop to your belly and drag yourself. 

With all of these new accomplishments, we had to lower your mattress all the way down, and it’s harder to put you down for your naps.  More often than not I have to let you cry yourself to sleep because if I’m in there with you, you just want to play.  Your naps are also inconsistent.  Some days you take 20-30 min naps, but it seems the days I have plans for us are the days you take an hour and a half nap.  No complaints!

You are working on your pincer grasp.  I honestly can’t wait for you to be able to feed yourself because the spoon is a bit messy with you fighting for full control of it.  We’ve been breaking up puffs for you to work on feeding yourself.  Half make it in your mouth, the other half end up in your lap.  Once when I was getting you ready to go, you reached up and grabbed something off of my neck and put it in your mouth.  I was concerned and grabbed your hand to see what it was.  It was a leftover puff from your meal at least 2 hours prior. 


Wait. Whose bag is this?

You hate carrots still after several attempts, but you liked broccoli after the first try.  You are your mother’s daughter!  Turns out you prefer your food fresh.  Frozen veggies don’t pass your taste test.

You are a very curious girl.  You pull up rugs to see what’s underneath, play with doors – opening and closing them, play peekaboo, and turn the pages in your books.

You babble and have said mamamama and dadadada indiscriminately, though I’d like to think you know what you’re saying.

You have extraordinary peripheral vision.

You are now STANDING up in your crib.  Stop it.



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