Nine Months

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You had your nine month check up this morning.  I was a little miffed that our appointment was scheduled months ago, and today we got a nurse practitioner instead of one of your regular doctors.  I was even more bothered by the fact that she talked AT us at warp speed and didn’t give us a chance to ask questions.  I’ve waited three months for this appointment; she should be able to give us ten minutes!  Grr!  She mentioned that you should be sleeping through the night at this point and don’t need night feedings anymore.  To that, I wanted to punch her in the face.  See, I knew I should have held off on writing this post a bit longer; I still have a ton of aggression in me.   Ever since we came back from our trip to Miami, you we have not had one good night’s sleep.  This has made me a very cranky, on edge Mommy.  Last night, in desperation, your daddy decided to sleep in the glider with you all. night. long.  You didn’t wake up once.  And now today, you slept for an hour and a half in the car after your doctor’s appointment, and are again sleeping peacefully in your crib after a successful transfer from the car seat.  That. never. happens.  I would be celebrating with a glass of wine or a bucket of cookie dough, but we are fresh out of both due to a very stressful week.  I will instead spend this rare moment of peace and freedom doing what else, writing about you.  Welp, screw that. You’re awake.

Okay.  Let’s try this again.  Quickly.


28 1/2 inches long, 17 1/4 head circumference, 16lbs 12ozphoto 4(1)photo 3(2)

  • photo 5You love making silly faces at yourself in the mirror.  That’s the first thing you do when I put you in your car seat.
  • You love sticking out your tongue.     See?
  • You make the “stinky face” a lot.
  • You are still nursing, but love eating purees, solids, and finger foods.
  • You seem to hit your milestones the day after I write these posts.  Most everything you’re doing, you’ve been doing for a month, and so it feels like old news.
  • Case in point: You now play patty-cake and clap your hands.  You didn’t two days ago.
  • You’ve mastered crawling, pulling up onto everything.  This is bad when my hands are full and you start climbing my legs wanting me to pick you up.
  • Still no teeth.
  • Did I mention your sleeping sucks lately?  Last night I let you cry in your crib for 45 minutes before I couldn’t do it anymore.  I fell asleep to you crying and when I woke up, you were still holding on to the side of the crib, same position, and still crying.  You know to get down from standing, but you don’t do it.  You were up a total of 5 hours last night (11pm – 4am).  That is not an exaggeration.
  • Somehow, you know how to climb stairs even though we don’t have any in our house.
  • You’re fearless and have no sense of danger.  You are into everything.
  • I’m not sure how much more baby proofing we can do without turning our home into a padded bubble.
  • You “love” being in an enclosure: play yard, pack ‘n play, bouncer, etc.  Not.  So I have to deal with you screaming if I need to put you in a protected area so I can take care of whatever for five minutes.  You know, so you don’t lick the toilet while I try to get ready in the morning! Or pull out the dirty dishes while I’m loading the dishwasher.  And so on.
  • When people say hello to you, you smile while you lay your head on my shoulder.  It’s so sweet and makes me feel like I’m doing a good job.


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