First Easter

You are an amazing baby.  Seriously, you are the best, and we are so lucky to have you.  You must have known the day was special because you woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 6:30 in the morning.  We decided to hang out in bed for a while until keeping you from crawling to and possibly falling off the side of the bed became too exhausting.

First up:  Who needs an Easter egg basket when you can play ball in Mommy and Daddy’s bed?

We didn’t do a big breakfast, but you tried strawberries for the first time. They were a bit tart and not the best ones to introduce you to, but you ate them anyway.  Your nap was cut short in the morning because I needed to shower.  For whatever reason, lately if I shower while you’re asleep, it always wakes you up.  Call it a blessing in disguise because if you had gone back to sleep, we would have missed Easter service.

We tried a new church.  You were absolutely perfect to sit there quietly through an hour+ service.  I think you thought everyone was there to see you.  You threw coy smiles at everyone and kept wanting to go back and forth between Mommy and Daddy holding you.  You started getting chatty toward the end of the service, but I think you were just trying to add your sweet voice to all the singing and praying.

After church, we were ready for brunch, but you fell asleep two minutes from the restaurant, which meant we had to drive around until you woke up.  We had brunch at Black Finn where we had the patio pretty much all to ourselves.  You ate until you were full and bored and then Daddy walked you around while you chatted up everyone you passed.


We spent about 15 minutes after brunch just letting you play on this bench. You didn’t want to leave.


Happy Easter!

At home, we changed into comfier clothes.  Daddy helped you find eggs hidden around the front room that held snacks inside each one.  You mostly enjoyed feeding Alex, a new trick you learned recently.  You were such a happy and good-natured baby for being out most of the day and for your first church service.  We were so proud of you and feel so lucky to be your parents.


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