10 Months


10 Months!

Our daily routine:

6 am:  I get up a little after 6 to pump, drink coffee, and wake up.

7 am:  You’re up!  (Sometimes you wake up earlier, and I’ll let you just hang out in the crib for a while as long as you’re happy.)

8:30 am:  Breakfast.  Oatmeal and fruit.  Sometimes eggs, ham, toast.

9:30 am:  Nap time.  If we’ve got some place to be (story time, mommy group, etc.) I leave at least 30 min early to give you a chance to nap in the car.

1:30 pm:  Lunch.

2:30 pm:  Nap.  Always at home in your crib.  Especially if you’ve only had a short nap in the car.

6:30 pm:  Dinner.

7:00 pm:  Bath every other night.

7:30 pm: Bottle, stories, bed.

8:30 pm:  Baby monkey’s tucked in tight!

I created a calendar that shows all the daily activities that repeat every week.  We only make it to about 20% of the options on the list, but it’s nice to know that we don’t have to be stuck inside all day and that there are other things to do besides running to Target or the grocery store.  And with the rain subsiding, we’ve been getting back out to the park, and I’m looking at getting us season tickets to the zoo.  We usually make it to My Gym twice a week and alternate between story time at the library or our mommy group on Wednesdays.

You kind of know the signs for more and all done.  You clap your hands when you want more, and you put your hands up for all done.  You smack my chest when you’re hungry even though I keep showing you the sign for milk.

You can stand on your own for several seconds.  You then realize you’re standing and sit on your bottom or reach out for something to hold.

You have been sleeping through the night for an entire month!  (Knock on wood.)  It’s getting harder to rock you to sleep.  Lately, I have to put you in your crib awake and leave the room.  You cry at first, but within ten minutes you are asleep.  I hate walking away from you while you’re crying, but I know that you need your sleep, and me holding you is only keeping you awake longer.  This makes me sad also because I miss holding you while you sleep.

You like to give hugs.  You hug your baby doll, Elliephant (your elephant, naturally), Alex.  You know you can get whatever you want when you give me hugs.  Melts. my. heart.

You are becoming more opinionated.  You will kick and protest if I come between you and something you want.  It’s worse if you’re tired.

You go crazy for watermelon, cheese, and those Cheesy-puffs-looking snacks Gerber makes.

You like drinking water out of your various sippy cups.  It didn’t take long at all for you to figure out how to get the water out.  If you want something badly enough, nothing stands in your way!

We entered you into a baby photo contest in March.  Basically we paid $70 for a couple of 8x10s and a little trophy.

Now that you are eating table food, I often am eating your leftovers, so my diet is significantly improving.  Although, I do feel guilty stealing your snacks every once in a while.

You’re trying to learn how to flush the toilet.


Here are nine minutes of Ellis doing nothing remarkable, but I’m obsessed with watching her all the same.


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