First Birthday as a Mom


A few greasy strands of hair fallen out of my go-to side braid, as baby girl chews on her comb. Oh, and birthday cake!

Yesterday was my birthday.  Every year I feel like my birthdays get better and better.  When I was a child, it was fun looking forward to pizza, cake, and a slumber party, but now that I’m a full-on grownup, it’s the little things that make birthdays feel all the more special.  This year was no exception as it was my first year celebrating as a mom.  Trav got up early and started whipping up a yummy breakfast of pancakes, sausage, and eggs.  Baby girl got her first taste of pancakes, and I think she liked them.  I got to open my gifts which were spot on.  Trav did a great job as always!  The big gift was that Trav was taking the day off! and I had an appointment for my very first massage!  So, after baby’s nap, father and daughter went off to My Gym while I headed to Massage Green.  The overall experience was lovely, but as a first timer, I was surprised how much my massage therapist chatted with me and the amount of lotion that ended up slathering my freshly washed hair (another birthday treat) at the back of my head.  It was like I got a deep conditioning treatment for free!

We planned on meeting for lunch after, but the skies opened up just as I was heading to the car, and as unpredictable as the weather is here, there was no way to know for sure if it was a passing downpour or not.  Sure enough, by the time I hit my exit for home, the rain turned off.  No matter.  Trav had an amazing dinner planned for the evening.  He made the best pork chops I think either he or I have ever had ever.  No exaggeration.  He thought I was being overly complimentary, and then he tried them, and I think surprised himself with how good they were.  So good. We would have gone for a second chop, but there was a beautiful cake to cut into.  There is a possibility that I now have diabetes thanks to that cake.  Mmm.


These pork chops are no joke!


Oh, and in honor of my 32nd:


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