12 Months


That’s all folks! I’m off to be a toddler now.

We did it!  We kept you alive for an entire year.  Let’s give ourselves a pat on the back.  Pat. Pat. Pat.

Okay.  Let’s talk about your accomplishments now, shall we.

I made this Birthday Board for your party.  First Birthday Board captureI had to guess at some of your stats because your 1 year checkup wasn’t until after your party.     First Birthday Board

You did an amazing job at your doctor’s appointment, and Dr. Thornton made us feel like rock star parents.   They pricked your finger to test the iron levels in your hemoglobin.  You didn’t flinch, but were more annoyed that they were holding your finger and then wrapped a band-aid on it.  It didn’t take you long to pull it off.  Also, your iron levels are above amazing, again, according to the doctor.  Love that man!

You are actually 30 1/2 inches tall and weigh 18 lbs 14 oz.  Your doctor calls you “long and lean.”  You are the height of an average 15 month old, he says.  But you just had a growth spurt, so you might still be the same height at 15 months.  You have a “perfectly normal” sized head at exactly 18 inches.

Your 6th tooth hasn’t quite come in; it’s still on the cusp of breaking through, and your 5th tooth is only halfway out.

Also, the doctor informed us that because you take unassisted steps of any amount, you are walking.  So you CAN walk, just not well yet.  But you’re more comfortable trying to get from Point A to Point B by walking, especially if Point B is Mommy.

You point at Alex and say “dog.”  You point at a picture of a dog and say “dog.”  Basically, you’re a genius.  But you also point at the couch sometimes and say “dog.”

You are a really happy, easy going, social baby, but you are also a Momma’s girl.  If you can see me, you don’t want anyone else.

You sleep with a stuffed bear, and it’s the most adorable thing watching you hug tight to it.

You nod and shake your head.  We encourage the nodding more.

You say “Ahhh!” after taking a drink of water.

You are constantly on the go and into everything.  I just chase you around all day from one disaster to the next.  As much as we’ve babyproofed the house, you still find  things to get into.

There is a game you like to play when I try to put you down to bed.  You’ll be talking and playing, so I’ll say, “Good night! Love you!” and start to put you in your crib.  You’ll immediately bear hug me around the neck and lay your head down on my shoulder, as if to say, “Just a little bit longer, Mom!”  It works.  Until the 10th time, then I just wrestle out of your grasp, kiss you, and say night-night.


I could have made a really awesomely amazing infographic, but ain’t nobody got time for that.  So here’s a quick rundown of your first year in numbers.  These are estimates because I wasn’t 100% diligent about recording everything, but according to my BabyConnect app:

3123 is the number of diapers changed

9.6 gallons is the amount of breastmilk you’ve taken from the bottle.

I stopped recording pumping a while ago, but the last recorded amount is 9.7 gallons of pumped milk over 53 hours and 25 minutes.  (I hate pumping!)

You have spent at least 371 hours and 54 minutes nursing.

You’ve visited Miami, Kansas City, Des Moines, Wichita, and Story City.

You’ve been to four states: Florida, Missouri, Kansas, and Iowa.

You’ve been on two plane trips and are a great flyer.

You’ve been sick once.

And finally, I’ve taken at least one gazillion photos of you in your first year, and shared about 20% of those photos with the internets.

Not sure when my obsession with you will end.  Most likely never.

Love you.






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