Carseat Shopping and Weekend Shenanigans

We had one thing on our agenda this weekend, and that was to purchase a new car seat for our apparently “tall” baby.  I’m short; my husband’s not tall, so I’m not sure where she gets it from.  Anyway, she has surpassed the max height for her infant seat, and so it was imperative that we get this done.  We started at Babies R Us because I had already checked out BuyBuyBaby’s selection the week before.  I wasn’t impressed by the selection BRU had, but we decided to make the most out of our trip and let Ellis play around in the toy section for a while.  Of course, she had to go down almost every aisle and try out everything that moved.  By the time she was done, we only had time to eat lunch before heading back home for her nap.

We tried again on Sunday and went straight to BuyBuyBaby.  I was being incredibly indecisive and going back and forth between the MaxiCosi and the Peg Perego, when the sales guys came over for a third time and schooled me on why Britax was my only choice.  Something about safety, yadda yadda ya.  After I got over the fact that it didn’t come in cuter colors, I agreed that it was the responsible choice.  Ellis ran around the store some more and right when we were about to leave, found all the riding toys, so I had to take her for a spin in EACH of them before we could go.  We did lunch at Latitude 30 before grumpy cat needed to get home for a nap.  (I’m talking about Ellis, but I could have been referring to myself as well.)


Wish we had gotten the wagon with the seats.


This is one sweet ride!



Being just a touch dramatic.

Ellis refused to sit in her seat so that we could adjust the straps to fit her.  We have a doctor’s appointment in the morning, so hopefully she cooperates and lets me put her in the seat then.  She has learned to shake her head no and can throw a decent tantrum, so wish me luck!

What happens when you let a baby loose in a toy store:


4 thoughts on “Carseat Shopping and Weekend Shenanigans

  1. We just did this crazy seat search. In the midst of all of it I was directed to a group on Facebook (Car Seats For the Littles) that gives great info on car seat safety. I too looked at Britax and was informed they have a short shell and kids tend to outgrow quite quickly. Just a heads up since she’s a tall one!

  2. I highly recommend you to get her the little car that you can push. Lucas used it so much! I had it on the back of car and used it to go shopping or just walk around. He is three and we still use it sometimes:)

  3. I agree get on the Facebook carseat page. Britax is not the one you want if you have a tall baby. I love Britax but had to switch to a different seat since my baby is so tall. It will last alot longer.

  4. Oh, man! This completely stressed me out because I wasn’t 100% sold on the Britax in the first place. I had been following the Car Seat Blog and Facebook page and joined their group before getting our seat. But I no one mentioned the short shell on the Britax until after I got it, then everyone told me!

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