Checking In

Lots of things happening around the Erickson household.  Sorry.  Hold on.  I’m laughing at that statement.  Okay, slightly more than the usual nothing is happening around here, so I thought I’d share what we’re up to.

Grad classes are starting back up.IMG_2512

I started grad school back in the winter of 2012.  It was fast and furious at first, but then I went back to work AND got pregnant at the same time, so my roll slowed to a stop this past winter.  Somehow I didn’t plan correctly, and FSU threw a wrench, because my last two courses (well, a course and an internship) are both only offered in the fall, and cannot be completed at the same time.  You see what I’m saying?  I had anticipated taking my last class in the fall and internship in the spring and FINALLY being done.  So now I’m considering whether I should just get my MLIS in general library and worry about completing my media certification at a later time, or what one more year to graduate.  Decisions, decisions.  The exciting thing is that this should be my most fun class as I am basically reading and writing about young adult literature.  Classes start the 25th, and I’m just hoping that I still have some of my intelligence left from before I became a mom.  These days I talk. very. simple.

Side note: Our poor dog hasn’t been to the groomer since May. That miserable look on his face is the real deal. For the past week, he’s had a pink stain on his back from a raspberry Ellis dropped on him. He has an appointment on Monday. The groomer can take care of it then.

With lots of reading, writing, and class work on the way, I needed to reclaim my office.IMG_2532

But I can’t actually reclaim MY office because it’s right next to Ellis’s bedroom, and so I can never use it when she’s sleeping, which is the only time I can use it.  Huh?  We decided to turn my “purple oasis” into a toy dumping ground playroom for Ellis, and we moved my unloved and unused vanity out to the front room and transformed it into a desk by removing the mirror and adding one of the dining room chairs.  It’s like I have brand new furniture in a brand new house!  For the longest time I had been using the dining room table, but it looked cluttered and messy, and we even had the table pushed up against the wall for a while, so Ellis had more room to play and wouldn’t be tripping or playing with cords.  Now I have a permanent place to do my Facebook trolling work.  We are looking for a couple of bookcases for her new playroom, but oddly it’s been tough to find a couple of simple, white, 5-shelf bookcases that aren’t entirely made of plywood and veneer.

Also, I’m hitting the gym a lot more frequently.

About a month ago, I got a Facebook message from a friend inviting me to register for a local Sh’bam instructor training.  Prior to this, I had been very lackadaisical about working out.  It happened once in a while, when the conditions were just right.  Mostly, I felt like I could care less about my fitness; I’m a mom now, who am I trying to impress?  But I had one day to decide whether or not to go through the training and was told that training rarely makes its way to Jacksonville, so if I decided to do it in the future I would most likely have to travel.  I hadn’t taken a Sh’bam class in practically a year, so I had to get up to speed before training weekend.  I thought it was also a perfect opportunity for Travase to experience what it’s like hanging out with a baby all day, as that’s what he’d be doing while I was in training.  It was the first Saturday and Sunday in August, and it was a ton of fun.  I passed!  Now I have to submit a video teaching the entire release to a class of at least five people in order to receive my certification.  Great!  Except my local Y doesn’t allow non-employees to teach or shadow.  So I’m stalled for the time being.  I have to complete three courses in order for the Y to hire me, so a couple more things have been added to my to-do list.  I am signed up for two in September, making it a pretty busy month ahead!

Ellis is a full-on walking, talking toddler.IMG_2849

She is learning new words every day (night-night, bird, uh oh) and is finding new ways to “manipulate” her mommy into getting her way.  She points at everything and asks, “Dat?”  I’m not always sure what she’s looking at, so I hope I’m not confusing her by calling the sun “bird” or a picture of us “ceiling fan.”  Florida summer is like everyone else’s winter.  We are cooped up inside most of the day to avoid the heat and the very near, very strong sun.  I canceled our My Gym membership because her naps always seemed to overlap with class times, or her classes were cancelled for one camp or another.  We may go back when she’s down to one nap that works with their schedule.  Until then, we visit the library, hang out at Barnes and Noble, BuyBuyBaby or ToysRUs (although they know Ellis now at BBB as the girl whose mom lets her run loose in the store.  I don’t think they are a fan of the “Try before you buy” mentality), or just hang out at home a lot.  I’ve been taking her out to lunch more frequently because sometimes it’s easier than feeding her at home.  I feel like I’m spending a lot of money to feed such a tiny girl, too.  I have to buy a vegetable, fruit, and a grain/protein.  The good news is the leftovers can come home and be used for several meals, but a lot also ends up on the floor.  She can’t seem to grasp the concept that she can just shake her head ‘no’ if she doesn’t want any more of something instead of sweeping it to the floor and out of her sight.

I thought she was ready to go to one nap a day because she started refusing either her morning or afternoon nap.  That went on for a couple of weeks of just pure nap hell, and then she decided to take both naps again.  I’m still not sure what’s going on because yesterday was another no-nap day.

Travase and I went on a date for the first time in months.

It was our anniversary on the 19th, so we got a sitter for the previous Saturday.  Nothing crazy.  Dinner, frozen yogurt, and home before 10.  Our relationship has been a little rocky for a while, but we finally sat down and had a long conversation last week and just opened up about everything that was bugging us.  I think it has totally helped.  We’re not 100%, but we are both working on it and are trying to do a better job of communicating with each other, and giving each other what we need from the other person.

So that’s our life in a nutshell, right there.


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