Friday Five – 15 Months


Waiting at the doctor’s office.

Today, you are 15 months. (Technically, the 26th, but I’m late getting this together.)  This is more significant than say, 14 or 13 months, because you get to go back to your doctor for a well visit and shots!  Hooray for you!  You really have grown leaps and bounds in the last three months, and you’re not at all a little baby anymore.  These are my favorite times with you.  You are fun, adventurous, silly, mischievous, and so so sweet.  These are just a few of my favorite things about you.

1.  First thing in the morning, if your daddy gets you up from bed, you come looking for me.  Sitting at my desk, I watch you turn the corner, Bear-Bear in arm, and you smile and start running as soon as you see me.  Then you ask for milk.

Routines are the best.  Our mornings and evenings are generally the same every day.  At night we read stories, and then your daddy puts you down at night.  You just seem to do a much better job of going to sleep if he does it.  So, after our last story, we’ll say, “Okay, time for night-night!  Can Mommy and Alex have a hug and kiss?”  You are always willing to give Alex hugs and kisses.  Me?  Sometimes I’m lucky, sometimes I have to steal them.  Often, you’re too excited about bedtime (why?) that you start running toward your room with just a quick wave of the hand to tell me goodnight.  But it’s the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.

2.  You make animal sounds for cat, dog, monkey, owl, and cow.  You can say a lot of words, including your own name and Alex’s which is so cute to hear!  Also, the first time you meowed like a kitten, I almost lost my sh*t.  You make it sound so cute!  I also say that to you about a billion times a day.  “Oh my gosh, you’re so cute!”  No, seriously, you are the cutest.  We’ve also conditioned you the old Pavlovian way that anytime we mention one of your body parts, you respond it turn.  Eyes? You blink.  Nose?  You wriggle your nose and snort.  Mouth?  You open wide and say “Ah!” Arms? You wave them around.  Ears? You pull on one or the other.  Belly?  You tickle your chest.  Toes? You reach down and touch them.  Hair? You grab your head.  You also like to sign “toothbrush” when we talk about your teeth.  You love to brush your teeth.

3.  You really do pay attention to everything we do and try to mimic us.  The other day I was working in the kitchen, and you came up with a kinda-used Kleenex, opened the trash can and threw it in.  It makes me wonder what else you’ve been throwing away when I wasn’t looking!  You help clean with a towel, Kleenex, napkin, or whatever, and you’ll start wiping down the furniture.  You like to push the power button on the vacuum.  You hold toy phones (and one green calculator) up to your ear and start having a serious conversation with someone on the other end.  I’d really love to know what you’re saying.  You hang your purses on the handles of your stroller and push it around the house.

4.  We have dance parties because you like to sing and dance.  Your favorite song right now is “Best Day of My Life” by American Authors.  You will stop everything and start singing and dancing when it comes on.  Your daddy just informed me the other day that you get upset if he tries to turn on Sports Talk Radio in the car.  Good girl!

5.  (This is really a combination of many things.  But I’m sticking to my list of 5.)  When I put you in your car seat, if you happen to be eating something, you like to open your mouth and make funny faces because you enjoy watching yourself eat in the mirror.  You love playing outside and would stay out there all day if the weather (and I) permitted it.  You are starting to climb up on the furniture and also starting to fall off of it.  You fell off of our tall bed for the first time this week.  Miraculously you went feet first and landed on your butt and immediately wanted back up on the bed.  The good news is, because you’re taller now, these falls off the furniture are much shorter.  Still, stop trying to kill yourself.


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