October is my all time favorite month of the year, just as Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I love the fall:  cooler weather, crunchy leaves, pumpkin patches, decorations, scary movies, and yummy treats.  Of course, fall isn’t really fall in Florida, and the sun is blisteringly hot when you’re out picking pumpkins with zero shade.  But this last week hasn’t been too bad.  We’ve been able to open windows in the mornings and play outside a lot.  This month has been busy and has gone by so fast; I can’t believe it’s almost over.  What have we been up to in October 2014?IMG_4600

  • We visited a local church pumpkin “patch.”  It’s at least a 45 min drive to get out to a real farm, and we haven’t gotten up the courage or energy for that kind of excursion yet.
  • We decorated pumpkins and our entryway.
  • We took family photos.
  • The Jaguars won a game, finally.
  • The KC Royals won the ALCS, and are currently leading 2-1 in the World Series.  What!?  #takethecrown #beroyal  *UPDATE: They made it to game 7, but the Giants won out in the end, 3-2 score.  Sad, but still proud of my home team.
  • I am an official, certified Sh’bam instructor and got my very own class on Tuesday mornings each week.
  • We just launched Sh’bam 17.  My first launch.IMG_4715
  • I got a sports therapy massage at the Ponte Vedra Spa.  It was delightful.
  • Ellis got sick for the second time in her life.  It’s most likely my fault for letting her eat her snacks that fell on the floor at the pediatrician’s office during her 15 mo well visit.
  • We bought our tickets to go home (KC) for Thanksgiving.  I. Cannot. Wait.
  • We drove an hour out to a farm in Hilliard to enjoy some fall activities that included multiple rides on a cow train, mooing at cows, a tractor ride, a giant slide, Travase pushing Ellis all over in a little hot wheels bike because she couldn’t reach the peddles and REALLY wanted to ride it. a lot., played a hay bales, pet some chickens, pigs, and horses, and a ton more.   We didn’t grab pumpkins because we had nabbed them the weekend before.
  • We went to the NAS Jacksonville airshow.  It was not the best thing to take a 1-year-old to.  It took an hour to park and enter.  There were lines for everything, including the ONE ATM because none of the credit card machines were working.  Ellis wanted to run around, but there wasn’t really a safe place to do so.  Or she wanted to just sit.  In the middle of the crowds of people walking up and down the airfield.  We skipped her morning nap so that we could go, and by the end of our visit, she had gotten quite psychotic.  Tired babies become violent babies.IMG_5005
  • Ellis started teething again and got a super wicked case of diaper rash, so she’s been running around with a naked booty, and I’ve been cleaning pee off of everything.
  • For Halloween, Ellis wore her puppy dog costume around the front yard and our street, but hated the giant tutu.  It scared her putting it on and taking off, so there was no chance I was getting it back on her for trick-or-treating.  She went as a piggy instead.  We met Travase at his office and headed to Avondale for an early dinner.  All the staff loved her, and one waitress remembered her from our last visit which had been some time ago.  Ellis started to get restless (it had been a long, tiresome, no nap day), so we headed out to walk the neighborhood.  We didn’t have her trick-or-treat because she doesn’t eat candy, but any house with a dog, she would stop and we’d ask if she could say hello and pet him or her.  The more tired Ellis gets, the crazier and less coordinated she gets.  She didn’t want to be held or sit in her stroller, so I let her walk.  She fell twice, scraping her leg on the asphalt and then soon after hitting her chin on a curb.  So, she was bleeding, scraped up, and bruised by the end of the night.  Way to go, Mom!



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