One-Year-Old Speak, A Translation Guide

Much like BableFish, this translation guide will be only 75% accurate; however, if you think you might ever find yourself having a five minute or more conversation with my daughter in the near future (ahem, I’m talking to you, family we’re visiting for Thanksgiving), you might find this guide mildly helpful.


Sounds like… Could possibly mean…
/a/ (long a sound) airplane
ă (short a sound) apple, or Alex if she’s being lazy
ah-p “up,” or chair
high-pitched “nay!” horse, or reindeer, or any animal that slightly resembles a horse
baa sheep, or any animal that slightly or barely resembles a sheep
m-ow cat
moe more, milk (usually accompanied by sign for milk), or feed me something good, cow (sound a cow makes)
mmm sound a cow makes, sometimes she just says the mmm part without the ooh.
wah water
bay, or baaaaaay-be baby
nigh-nigh night-night
hi I see you.
bye-bye Go away.
no granola
nă (short a sound) snack (Yes, granola and snacks are two entirely different food categories.)
hm-hm (sing-songy, to match the cadence of “thank-you” Mommy told me to say thank you. (She hums sounds and words she doesn’t know how to say.)
Whoo! owl
eye/no/ee/beh eyes/nose/ears/belly, belly button, or button
uh-oh I purposely chucked (fill in the blank).
dog every time she hears the neighbors’ dogs bark, also “car” because why, I have no idea




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