One and a Half.

NOTE:  This post is a few months old, so I’m going to pretend like I published it in a timely manner and back date it.


You’re talking a lot lately.  Most of it is gibberish and impossible to understand, but there are a few phrases that you say at least ten-thousand times a day.  I figured I should document them before I forget or before you start speaking complex sentences and these are no longer impressive to me.


Your favorite number is two.  We can ask you how many there are of something, and as long as the answer is two, you’re correct.

The Alphabet.

Your favorite letter is A.  Every time you see a letter or word, you say “A.”

Help, please.

We taught you to say “Help, please.”  Now you say it for everything and basically anytime I’m not paying attention to you.  Help, please  can mean “I want you to play with me” and also, “I need you to get something for me.”


Another of your tricks to sucker me away from my phone, the dishes, getting ready, and other distractions that take my attention away from you.  You ask for my hand, reach out with yours, and lead me away.

How about… this?

I didn’t realize this was something I said a lot, but you’ve picked it up and ran with it.  It’s all about choice for you.  When we go to the fridge, the snacks in the pantry, your drawer full of shoes, books on the shelf, etc. you give a drawn out “how about…,” and when you’ve found what you want, grab and say, “this?”

I lowu. (I love you.)

You say “I love you.”  I love that you say “I love you.”

C’mon, Alex.

You’ve been saying this for a while, too, but it’s so cute.  You are the great imitator and learned quickly how we got Alex to come to us.  It doesn’t quite work for you, but it’s adorable nonetheless.


I guess I apologize a lot.  You started saying sorry for things like bumping into me or me dropping a toy when trying to hand it to you.




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