Toddler Play Series: Bathroom Fun


Let’s face it.  We can’t entertain our tots all the time.  Sometimes we have to do things like get ourselves dressed, make a meal, or clean up the kitchen.  This series will show you how I keep my 1.5 year old entertained when I’ve got to get things done.  I’m not mentioning media use, not because I don’t use it, but because those are obvious forms of distraction.  I could write entirely separate posts on Ellis’s favorite apps and shows to watch.

When we moved into our new house, we gained an extra bathroom, and yet we went from using two bathrooms regularly to all three of us using only one.  It just seems easier that way, and less to clean I guess.  The mornings when we’re all three in there getting ready is probably my favorite part of the day because it’s usually the one and only time that we’re all together as a family most days.  The following list is how Ellis occupies her time when we’re hanging out in the bathroom.

Bathroom Play

  • Shower Share – Ellis takes more showers than baths these days.  Since we moved into our new house, we all use one bathroom, and it’s just easier that way.  When we’ve got to get a shower, Ellis comes in with us.  It’s a great way to get her cleaned up from breakfast, and she usually likes to play in there after we get out.  We can easily see her through the glass and listen to her singing.  I bought shaving cream for her to play with, but surprisingly she doesn’t like touching it or getting it on her hands.  She prefers the window squeegee.
  • Bath Ball Pit – The problem with the tub in our new place is that the faucet is easily accessible by our little toddler.  The bigger problem is that the hot water handle is closest to her.  She loves to come in and turn the water on.  Any type of bath play works, but when I don’t really have time to sit and give her bath, I keep the water drain open.  Throw in some balls for extra fun.  Bath crayons are great, for her.  They’re actually a pain to clean; they require a Magic Eraser (essential when you have a toddler) and lots of scrubbing.IMG_8917
  • Makeup with Mommy – Pull out some old brushes, makeup you don’t care much about and let her pretend to get ready with you.  Even still, she’ll want to use the brushes and makeup I’m using.  I have broken concealer crayons, finger scrapes in my blush, and had to replace my blush brush twice, but whatevs.  Whatever it takes to get ready in the morning.  Just remember to wash it off before leaving the house.IMG_9126
  • Teachable Moments (No.) – There is a drawer where Ellis stands when playing at the bathroom counter.  The other day she discovered some white strips in there.  Kept her entertained for a little while.  Until I tried to make it all educational and have her practice counting the white strips.  Lame.

“Mama’s shower cap looks better on me.”



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