Jell-O Cookie Review

Jello Cookies – Easy Sugar Cookies Flavored with Jell-O from

I saw this recipe over a month ago and had been waiting for the right time to make these.  After some fun at My Gym this morning, I thought it would be fun and festive to make some Easter-y, colorful cookies with Ellis.  Let’s see how it went down…

First step:

Try to get the ingredients and work space organized.  Distract the toddler.  Pretzels work.  For a minute.  Add some raisins and baking tools.  But then she spies sprinkles.  A few sprinkles won’t hurt.  She wants all the sprinkles.


Step Two:

While she’s distracted, create the dough by creaming the wet ingredients and adding the dry.  Stir, stir, stir.  Hide the sprinkles.


Step Three:

Divide dough and mix in Jell-O flavors/colors.  This was the most time-consuming, messy, and required a lot of space and bowls.  Our hands were too messy to get any photos, so we’ll skip to Ellis losing interest.

Step Four:

Ellis’s hands got too dirty, so she insisted on washing them.  Off she goes to the kitchen sink for a little impromptu water play.  The floor and her clothes are soaked.  And only then do I remember she has an apron.

Step Five:

She grabs a snack from the pantry because she realizes I’m obviously not making her lunch this morning.  She dumps half of it on the floor for Alex and returns to her step stool to “ride the horsey.”  I finish the cookies and get them in the oven.


Step Six:

Clean up the kitchen while Ellis plays with the remaining dough and sugar in a bowl.  Watching carefully, I’m just thankful she hadn’t thought to put the handful of sugar in her mouth.  Strip her clothes off, change her diaper while she protests, and keep her out of the kitchen while I pull the cookies out to cool.

Step Seven:

Spend 30-40 minutes getting Ellis down for a nap.  First she must color, then ride her horsey, then take a trip down her slide, then read 3 books, then sing, then just one more book, then a big hug but don’t let go!, then in the crib and some really pitiful crying that makes me feel awful.  Close the door.

Step Eight:

Finish cleaning the kitchen, kind of.  Eat my first meal of the day.  Vacuum and mop the floor.  Try the cookies.  Um, why did I ever think artificial fruit flavored cookies would taste good?  Completely related, the kitchen smells like Skittles.



They were thick like the original photo when they went in the oven but flattened out in the oven.


Pinterest Photo:

jello-cookiesFinal Thoughts

Difficulty:  Not exactly difficult.  Just time-consuming and super messy.

Taste:  Not gonna lie.  I did not enjoy these cookies.  I feel like my tongue is burning, and I can’t get the taste off of it.  Don’t like the smell either.  Making a mental note to never bake with Jell-O gelatin powder.  No.

Toddler Friendly?  She enjoyed kneading the dough for a short time, but the whole process took too long to keep her interested and left her unsupervised to make even larger messes while I was a distracted mommy.


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