In the Kitchen with Ellis: Weeknight Pizza

This meal was inspired by an episode of Daniel Tiger where Daniel’s mom made pizza as her way of showing how much she loves her son.  I decided I better make Ellis a pizza, too, lest she thinks I don’t love her!  I didn’t go all out with dough from scratch and form it into the shape of a heart like Daniel’s mother did, so I guess I don’t love Ellis as much as she loves her son…

I was just recovering from a wrecked kitchen from dinner the night before, and after cleaning up that insane mess, swore that we would be eating take-out for dinner.  I always say I’m going to order out dinner on the night’s Travase isn’t here, but I never do.  It’s actually just simpler to figure something out at home.

Ellis doesn’t eat well for her babysitter, so she’s usually starving when I get home.  We started making this pizza before I even had a chance to put away the groceries.

We started with a little oil on the precooked crust, which I guess is a good thing it was cooked because she managed a bite out of it before I handed her the sauce.

IMG_9260While she was oiling and saucing the pizza, I cut up a green bell pepper.  She started getting a little crazy with the sauce and liked making it splash and fling onto the floor.  Again, I need to remember to put on her apron (found at the dollar store) or at least to undress her before starting these things!  Next, she started sucking the sauce off the pizza.

IMG_9263The way things were going, I didn’t mess with chopping an onion or cleaning the mushrooms, and I couldn’t find black olives at my grocery store, so our toppings consisted of green pepper, turkey pepperoni (because I suck), and cheese.

Ellis was picking off the cheese and pepperoni faster than I could put it on.  So there were lots of bald spots.  Her first taste of green pepper, she said, “Ew!” and handed it to me.


In went the pizza, and then Ellis had mac n’ cheese, corn, and sweet potatoes for dinner.  Go figure.


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