Easter Weekend


Stacking ingredients is part of meal prep.

We had a rather unorthodox Easter this year, but surprisingly still one of the better Easter’s we’ve had in the past few years.  My mother and grandmother moved into town late Saturday night with the help of a couple of Mom’s girlfriends.  They all stayed at our house for the night, so we had lots of company for breakfast.


The table is set… and only then did we remember we had a leaf we could have put in. Ellis and I squeezed together on the end.

Ellis had a ton of people to play with that morning, and it was nice to let someone else keep her busy.  I had prepped a breakfast casserole the night before, so I threw that in the oven while Trav whipped up a batch of his mother’s very best buttermilk pancakes.  We added blueberries because we had some in the fridge.


All routine went out the window today. Nap in the car on the way to Grama’s.

After breakfast, the ladies packed up and headed over to Mom and Oma’s new home, along with Travase, to start unloading the U-haul.  It was apparent that we weren’t going to make church service, and I really didn’t want to take Ellis by myself on probably the busiest Sunday of the year.  So instead, I worked on getting Ellis and myself cleaned up, and then we headed over to get in the way of all the work.  No Easter outfit for her because I knew she was just going to be getting dirty.


This is the best Easter photo I got of her that day.

Later that evening, everyone came back to our house for a quick and simple dinner.  I made ham and cheese sliders and a strawberry spinach salad.  Everyone was pretty exhausted, so they left soon after, and we put the tot to bed.

How was your Easter?


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