Moderately Extreme Makeover: Closet Edition

I treated becoming a mom as an excuse to stop caring about myself.  As long as the baby is happy, healthy, and dressed impeccably, who cares about the disaster of a woman holding her hand, right?  I’m not sure what has changed recently, but I think I just got tired of looking and feeling awful.  We go to a toddler gym, and while that’s a safe place to be dressed like a tired house mom, their walls are covered floor to ceiling in mirrors to remind me that I look like a tired house mom.  Even when I would get a chance to go on a date with my husband, many times I would not have found the time to wash my hair and so taking a date-selfie and sharing it with the cyber world was out of the question.

I see moms around me everywhere who are pulled together, and I’ve decided that part of my happiness has always been feeling great about myself.  So, I am giving myself a makeover, much like that awful reality show several years ago called “The Swan” where they did extreme makeovers on women.  I’m not going so far as plastic surgery, but I can definitely improve everywhere else.

First thing’s first.  My wardrobe.

There’s this thing going around the internet mostly on lifestyle blogs and YouTube called a “closet detox,” where women are going through their overly-cluttered closets and cleaning them out. I find it slightly annoying they call it a “detox” instead of what it really is – cleaning and organizing.  I also am annoyed when people say they like things to happen organically.  Stop it.

I watch these videos and I’m like, “Whuh?”  My closet needs to eat a sandwich, not go on a juice cleanse, if you know what I mean.  Long ago, I had a pretty decent closet, but it was mostly work clothes – business pants and so. many. cardigans.  Then I got preggers, and the majority of my wardrobe was maternity wear or clothes 2 sizes larger than I normally wear.  Then I had a baby and couldn’t care less about my clothes, and that’s really where things began to fall apart.  The only new clothes I would buy came from Target when I was on another diaper run, and I only bought things that were both cheap and nursing-friendly.  Also, loose and comfortable were major criteria.

Now it’s almost 2 years later, and I have no excuses.  As I was starting to organize my new closet, I realized I had a healthy collection of sweaters, jackets, cocktail dresses (from days of yore), and fall pieces, but no clothes for warmer months.  I live in Florida.  How is that possible???  I remember.  I lived in my gym clothes (still do), whether I was working out or not (usually not).


The entirety of my spring/summer wardrobe. I don’t even know what to say about this. Did I just never leave the house last year???

We’re in a new house with a closet that can actually fit a decent wardrobe.  I want to collect a few key pieces:  casual, daily wear; family dates; hubby dates; and Sunday church attire.  So, I’ve been doing some research on what people are actually wearing these days and getting ideas for things that I’ll actually enjoy wearing.  I’ve been subscribing to mommy and petite fashion blogs; I follow; and I watch YouTube videos.  I did a YouTube search for “cute mom outfits,” and in one of the videos I watched, the woman actually said my entire wardrobe cannot be from Target.  Bummer.

To help me along, I’ve also decided to do two things that I have never done before:

1.  If I like it, buy it.  At a store or online, I am weird about not wanting to buy a single item.  If I see one cute shirt but nothing else, I’ll put it back because I need at least 2 items to make the transaction worthwhile.  I really can’t explain it.  It doesn’t make sense, but I am breaking that habit.

2.  If it doesn’t quite fit, get it tailored.  I am 5’1″.  I qualify as petite which means nothing fits me right.  Everything is big in the sleeves and chest and too long for my short legs.  I’ve decided I’m not going to let ill-fitting clothes  deter me.  This is really the only way I’m ever going to have clothes that fit my body.  Yes, I’m 33 years old, and I am just now figuring this out.

So, here goes nothing.  I’ve already placed some orders and got a little pile ready to get altered.  I’ll let you know how it goes and share my wardrobe as it grows.  And one day I hope I can be cute enough to take selfies with my adorable toddler again!



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