Weekend Fun

It’s usually the mundane weekends that I always end up recapping; this one is no different.

Saturday morning we had signed up for a parenting seminar at our church from 9-11.  The bulletin wasn’t very detailed about what would be discussed, but I signed us up anyway.  Any parenting tools I can get I’ll take.  Turned out this seminar was probably more appropriate for parents of the tween/teen set, but we gleaned a few pieces of wisdom from it.


Pancakes made and served before 7 am. Who am I?


After the seminar, we had lunch and put Ellis down for a nap, and then napped ourselves.  I never nap, but it sounded like a great idea that day.  After everyone was up again, we played a little with Ellis and were starting a game of pool when somehow the idea to get Ellis a bike/tricycle came up.  We finished our game and headed to Target because sometimes we can be very impulsive.  We didn’t do any research, and we didn’t shop around save for stopping at Play It Again Sports where they did NOT have any tricycles.

We ended up going with the Radio Flyer tricycle in pink.  Also not a financially sound choice if ever we have a boy in our future.  But we got her a helmet and a cute basket to hang on the front of her trike, and it just looks adorable.  Ellis has been obsessed with bicycles for a while now, and I’m not sure where or how it started.  She just always wants to climb on them when she sees them.  We’ve got a little over a month before her birthday, but decided to go ahead and get her a gift early.  The weather was beautiful this weekend, so it was the perfect time to spend outdoors.


Helping her daddy put it together.

On Sunday, Ellis fell asleep in the nursery during service at church.  This is extremely unusual, but she also has been having a couple of middle of the night wakings where she wants someone to come in and rock with her for a while.  Not sure what’s going on there, but the fact that she fell asleep in a noisy and brightly lit nursery is almost unbelievable.  Of course, once we got her, she woke right up and wanted to play in the playground.


When we finally tore her away, we headed home, and Trav took her out on her bike again while I got lunch ready.  Then it was nap time, but I spent nap time cleaning and organizing our pantry.  I can’t stand disorganization, even though I’m always in a state of it.  I like being able to look into my pantry, see everything easily and know what we’ve got.  It was therapeutic, and I felt like I finally got something accomplished.  I was able to read two more chapters in the book I’m reading before Ellis woke up from her hour nap (since she slept at church).  I had also meal-planned and written out a grocery list during her nap (Yay for being productive!), so Trav took Ellis with him to grocery shop.  I took a trip of my own to The Dollar Store and Michaels.


My next big task was to get Ellis’s playroom organized.  She has two toy bins, but things get lost when they’re just thrown in there, even if I try to separate the toys by type.  Plus, Ellis can’t reach far into them, so she has trouble getting things out.  She enjoys helping to clean up, so I wanted to actually have a clean, organized room for her to be able to clean up when she’s done playing to help her with this skill.  I was also looking for something to contain Ellis’s bath toys that end up littering the bottom of the tub, or more annoying the foam letters that are scattered all over the shower floor.  She used to have a toy scoop that hung on the back of our shower wall, but when we moved, we didn’t bring the piece that attached to the wall.  Also, it was kind of gaudy and bulky to be used in our bathroom.  I found two bins at The Dollar Store that have holes on the bottom as well as the sides so that water can easily drain out of them, one for the shower and one for the tub.

As I was looking at containers, I remembered I had about 10 plastic shoe bins that I used to keep my less-worn shoes in.  I decided to use those to help separate her smaller toys and then sorted them in the bigger toy bin.  Finally, I could see her floor again!



One thought on “Weekend Fun

  1. Everything looks great, Bethany, in her play room. I love the picture you posted of her in the teal colored dress. What a productive day you two had.

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