Ellis’s 2nd Birthday

You know, the only way Ellis could have been more spoiled this week for her birthday is if we had gotten her a pony.  That girl had a good week.  Trav’s parents drove in Monday evening, and my mom and Oma came over, so we had family dinner together.  On Thursday, Mom brought over her and my grandmother’s gift to Ellis, a play kitchen, and we she spent a total of 6 hours putting it together for her.  The plan was to put it together during her nap, but that turned out to be far too optimistic.  Ellis’s favorite baby sitter also came over to drop off a birthday gift.  But Ellis was far too interested in the kitchen her Noni was putting together to care about anything else.  She also received a gift from Teresa, Mom’s friend, who had come over as well.  It was finally put together around 6pm, the same time Trav got home from work.  We had dinner and sang Happy Birthday to Ellis because Mom wouldn’t be here for Ellis’s birthday or birthday party.

Friday, Ellis’s actual birthday, I took her to Krispy Kreme for a chocolate icing, rainbow sprinkles, glazed donut (her choice).  The rest of the day was spent making last minute preparations for her party.  We had family dinner again, and Ellis opened Trav’s and my gifts to her.  She had already gotten a tricycle, train table, and ride on car, so on her birthday we gave her a couple of doll clothes since she likes to give her dolls diaper changes, a pack n’ play for her dolls, a couple of water brush coloring books, and a kitchen apron/chef’s hat set that came with a spoon, spatula, oven mitt, and pot holder.

Saturday was party day.  We spent the morning cleaning house and getting ready for it.  After Ellis’s nap, she was ready to party.  We had a Curious George theme and a bounce house out back.  Guests arrived around 3, and the last ones left around 7:30.  Ellis had so much fun having so many kids to play with and being the center of attention.  It may have gone to her head a little bit.

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