Toddler Activity Calendar

Pinterest is great for finding lots of ideas for things to do with your tots.  I have a board dedicated to it.  My problem is that I hardly go back and look at the ideas I’ve pinned, and every afternoon I am scrambling for something to do with my toddler.  Our mornings are usually packed, but after nap time, we tend to hang out at home.   I try to take care of all my errands and chores in the morning and before she gets up from her nap, so that I can give her my undivided attention for a few hours before starting dinner or heading out for whatever evening plans we may have that day.  I decided to create a monthly calendar that plans out one special activity to do with Ellis every day.  Then I can see what’s coming up, prep all the materials I need, and have a fun surprise for Ellis when she gets up!

It was fairly easy to set up.  I found an editable calendar from, scrolled through my pins, made a list of the activities I wanted to do this month, and then chose the best day to add it to my calendar.  I think the hardest and most time-consuming part was figuring out which day to do what.  I had to look at what we have going on in the month to determine when we had time to do what.  I chose days that she had off from school to do “field trips” and days where I knew someone would be babysitting Ellis, I didn’t add an activity.

I tried to include a variety of activities including special outings, cooking/baking, learning fun, and crafts.  I also went ahead and included the letter of the week that we’d be working on to hold myself accountable.  I used to have a checklist of everything I wanted to do every day with Ellis including story time, puzzle time, crafts, imaginative play, etc. but I could never make it work, and I ended up just feeling like a failure.  Now, I’m only holding myself accountable for one thing, and everything above and beyond that is icing on the cake.

We just started this week, so there is nothing listed the first week of November.  I have big plans for December with lots of Christmas activities!  Find me on Pinterest if you want to see where I got a lot of these ideas.


Ellis painted the mat of a picture frame for my grandmother using cotton ball paint brushes.  The picture above explains it all:  paint, cotton balls, and clothespins.  Boom.

Download my November Activity Planner here: Toddler Activities November 2015.


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