Asher’s Birth Story

AsherTwo weeks ago, my family and my heart got a little bigger.  We welcomed Asher Liam into the world, and though we are sleep deprived and living in a baby bubble, I can’t remember being any happier than I am now.

February 21st at midnight, I woke up and jumped out of bed.  I ran to the restroom as I felt my water break.  There was no denying what was happening.  It was gushing everywhere and just kept coming.  I woke up Trav and told him it was go time.  As I worked on changing and finishing packing, we called the Ob, our babysitter, and my mom.  Once we were packed and Chelsea arrived, we headed out.  Mom was still in Daytona, so it would take her a couple hours to get to our house to relieve Chelsea.  Ellis slept on with no clue.

We checked in through the ER and were escorted up to L&D.  Apparently about 5 women came in just before I did, so I was placed in the “spill over” room while they took my stats and swabbed for amniotic fluid.  I was then admitted and given a room.  I was told later that the other women had been sent home, so I had my nurse all to myself for the evening.  Another nurse was called in to place my IV.  I could tell she was rushing, and I wanted to tell her to slow down and do it right but I kept quiet.  My nurse checked on it later and I was bleeding all over my arm because the other nurse hadn’t inserted it correctly.  I hate blood and needles, so I was not happy about them having to mess with the IV again.

When I first came in, I had been having contractions but they weren’t very strong, and I only felt them after the monitor already picked them up, so my nurse didn’t believe me when I said I was ready for an epidural as soon as I could get one.  Because of her, I decided to hold off as long as I could because I didn’t want to seem like a wimp, but the contractions were coming every 5-6 minutes and getting more and more painful.  The positive was that they didn’t last that long, but I wasn’t getting any rest, and I knew this could be a long labor.  Around 4:30-5am, I said, screw this, and ordered an epidural.  I was a little dehydrated, so my nurse made me wait until I had emptied my IV bag.  By 5:30, the epidural was in place and starting to take effect. Before I could rest, though, one of the monitors started buzzing and I began feeling light headed and nauseated.  My blood pressure was low, so I was given another drug (don’t remember the name right now), and they had to monitor my blood pressure every five minutes until it started to stabilize.  Finally, I was able to get some sleep around 7, but I was awake around 8 and anxious to get this labor going.

I had been progressing about 1-1.5 cm an hour, so I was only at a 5 when my new nurse came to check on me.  She asked if I wanted to kick things in gear with Pitocin, and I said yes, please.  With Ellis, they had given it to me almost immediately, but my first nurse had chosen to hold off because I was making some progression (however slow).  I got to say, I liked Nurse #2 a whole lot better.  I told Travase to go home, shower, and check on Ellis, because I assumed it was going to be a while since it took so long with Ellis.  About 20-30 minutes after getting Pitocin, the nurse checked me, and I was dilated at 8.5.  I called Travase but he was in the shower, so I called my mom and told her to tell Travase to get back ASAP.  I was a bit worried he might miss the birth of his son!  Soon after, I could feel pressure down below, like possibly a head getting ready to come out.  I called my nurse to come check me again, and she in turn called the doctor who was about to head into the OR for a c-section.  Sorry to that mom who had to wait, but this baby wasn’t waiting any longer.

Trav made it just in time to get my legs in the stirrups and help me push.  It took 3 contractions (3 pushes each), and Asher was here!  I got to hold him immediately and kept him in my arms while they worked on him (and me).  And the rest is history!

Asher came four days early.  He was 8 lbs. 10 oz. and 21 inches long.  He was born at 10:21 am, which also happens to be Trav’s and my anniversary (10/21).


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