Asher’s One Month Update

10639379_871540274656_327798901379960777_nToday (or round about) is Asher’s 1 month birthday.  Ellis and I celebrated today by singing “Happy Birthday” to everybody in the house and baking Easter bunny cookies.  Life with a newborn is going fairly easy.  (Ha ha.  That was before spring break hit!)  He has to be my son because he loves to sleep and eat.  That’s all he does.  If he’s awake and his eyes are open it’s only because he is hungry or he has gas, and when that’s the case, grunting and fussiness are also present.  He outgrew his newborn clothes by his second week and was 9 lbs 11 oz and 22 in at his 2 week check up.  He wears size 0-3/3 months clothes and size 1 diapers.

He sleeps in either his rocker or bouncy chair during naps and at night, and he sleeps well in his car seat (as long as we’re moving) or the Baby Bjorn.  However, I feel like I’m suffocating him inside the Bjorn, and at the zoo the other week his arm turned purple because somehow he was losing circulation in it.  Scared me to death!

He has sensitive skin like me, and it’s taking some trial and error to figure out how best not to irritate his skin.  He wears sensitive diapers, and we use Water Wipes.  His skin is still red where his diaper is, but he doesn’t have a rash or breakouts anymore.

I am also trying a low/no-dairy diet because he seems unusually fussy after eating, more than I experienced with Ellis.

We have not been hermits.  Asher’s been out of the house just about every day of his life.  He’s been on a play date, to the mall, church, Pump It Up, the zoo, the grocery store and Target on multiple occasions, his sister’s preschool and swim school, to name a few.  Ellis was on lock down the first months of her life (pre-shots), but this time around I would go nuts staying cooped up in the house with two kids all day!

Ellis is on spring break this week, so it has been nearly impossible to try and get a good photo of Asher and update the blog.  but Day 4 is (hopefully) a charm!  Things are definitely more difficult when I have two little ones who need me simultaneously, and I obviously have no time for myself or anything else right now, but they’re beautiful, wonderful kids, so I’m not complaining!

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