Asher’s First Easter

Our Easter Sunday played out like most of our Sundays with the exception that we tried a little harder on our church clothes, and Ellis had handfuls of candy and cheese bunnies before breakfast was ever served.  We had an Easter basket waiting at her table and Easter eggs hidden around the first floor.  The weather has been crummy all weekend, so we didn’t go to Saturday’s Easter festivities, and decided to hide her eggs inside.  (Here’s a tip:  tape the eggs before hiding them so your little one can’t open them immediately.)  Ellis had to open each one she found and sample the insides before she would put them in her basket.

She ate a smidgen of her breakfast before going back to playing.  I gave her a bath (it’s okay to bathe your kids only once a week, right?) using her Easter eggs, some kitchen items, and colored bath drops.  We went to the 11:00 service, which was packed, but there were only three other children in Ellis’s Sunday school class.  Asher did fairly well at the service, but I did have to take him out once.  Our church has a beautiful campus, so it’s pleasant to walk him around or find a bench to hang out.  There are a couple of rocking recliners in the women’s restroom, but who wants to hang out in a restroom listening to people using the bathroom?

As soon as we got in the car, Ellis asked what was for lunch.  We hadn’t planned to do anything special, and I didn’t want to go anywhere that would be crowded.  By this point in our day, it’s dangerously close to Ellis’s nap time, and Asher has already been out for so long, that we have about an hour before everyone melts down.  Additionally, it’s been a struggle dealing with Ellis acting up ever since Asher was born.  Sometimes I look at her and think, where did my sweet girl go? I am trying really hard to give her the attention she needs and make her feel loved and important, but it’s hard.  We ended up at the Loop, and the restaurant was filled with other parents with young kids, so we felt right at home.

After lunch, we went home and napped, then it was back to our usual routine of entertaining and keeping the kids happy until bedtime.


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