Number Hunt

This was another activity we did last fall as we were working with numbers.  Ellis could count 1-15, but those numbers didn’t have a value to her, and the only numbers she could consistently identify were 8 and 1.  And when she counted, she might count something more than once, or point to one unit and say, “5, 6, 7.”  Very typical at her age, but I wanted her to become familiar with the written numerals and at least understand that each number represents a different amount.

The numbers with the dots we already had from another day, where we used dot stampers to show how many of each number there are.  I took those number cards and laid them out across the living room floor, then I hid numbers from your puzzles around the living and dining rooms.  The game was for you so find the hidden numbers and then match them with the correct number card.  Of course we would identify and talk about what number you had as well while playing.  The numbers 6 & 9 were confusing because they are the exact same shape in both puzzles I used.

Another activity I tried several times with you was numbering 9 Solo cups and giving you pom balls, to put the coinciding amount in each cup.  Ellis liked playing with the cups and poms.  She would count with me and repeat the name of the number, but she didn’t like counting the poms into the cups.  She wanted to do her own thing and put ALL the poms in one cup, dump them out, pour them into another cup, etc.  Anything BUT counting them.  I might try this activity again with her now that she’s a little older.


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