7 Months


Second child problems… Mommy doesn’t keep up with your monthly updates and completely skips your 1/2 birthday!  To summarize, you learned how to roll from belly to back a week before you turned 6 months.  At your 6 month check up you were measured in the 94 percentile for height (28 inches), 40th percentile for weight (17 lbs), and 81st percentile for head circumference (17 1/2 inches).  Your pediatrician was slightly concerned because you were slightly less weight than your appointment the week before (for a hoarse voice).  I wasn’t concerned because I knew you hadn’t eaten for a few hours, and you and Ellis are just not chunky babies.

We had yet another pediatrician appointment a couple weeks ago and a follow up this past Friday (persistent cough diagnosed as an ear infection).  At the follow up appointment, you weighed in at 18 lbs.  For some perspective, your sister was 19 lbs at her 12 month check up.  No more ear infection for you, but you still have a lingering cough and potentially have reflux.  You’ve been taking a prescription for it, but I haven’t seen any improvement with you spitting up.

You are so close to crawling.  You can make your way across the floor, but it’s more of a scooch and flop than a crawl.  You also sit up well, but don’t lift yourself to sitting yet.  Working on your pincer grasp with Puffs.  We’ve fed you sweet potatoes (first food), carrots, peas, and beets.  You really like beets but you look like you’ve taken a blood bath after eating them.  You are still a super happy, easy-going baby.  You are only fussy if you’re hungry or tired, and those are easy fixes.  Also, you sleep through the night for the most part.  I feed you around 10:30, and then you are usually good until 6.  I love our quiet mornings together.  I have a cup of coffee and pump around 5:30.  Then I feed you and change you.  We hang out for a while, and then you’re usually back in bed by 7/7:30, the time your dad and sister get up.







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