Turkey Craft

Ellis learned how to write her name a few months ago, but she still doesn’t fully grasp that the order of the letters is important.  So sometimes she writes her name correctly, and sometimes she writes it backwards from right to left.  Her teacher said she doesn’t recognize her name at school yet.  There are several students whose names begin with E, and so she’ll just go to any name tag with an E instead of looking at the whole name.  That’s another skill we’ve got to work on.  This week, though, I saw a cute turkey craft that she would have fun doing, and it would help her practice putting the letters of her name in order.  (She can recite it, but that doesn’t always transfer to application.)  It was also great for her to practice using scissors and working with glue.

Just for fun, she did one for Asher, too, and it was good practice for recognizing other letters that she doesn’t use too often.  I think the ‘R’ was the only letter she didn’t know.

2016-11-21-11-00-44-2 2016-11-21-11-01-44 2016-11-21-11-06-01 2016-11-21-11-11-23 2016-11-21-11-11-26 2016-11-21-11-22-022016-10-22-12-41-12




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